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  "Are you sending loyal Interior Min troops and militsia to the East to stop Putin from taking it over with tourists"- question to Klitschko + fmr Def Min Hrytsenko  Mar 17,14, 2014 YouTube @7:15 [by Sept the Donbas was lost]
  -----"A collapse by any major player (investment house) could create a chain reaction of falling dominos... the ultimate result could be a global economic collapse, because America is overextended way past the cliff, the net is disappearing, and a sinking America will drag down the world"Bush Battered Dollar 3/2008          FEELING BIG??? CLICK HERE           NORTH POLE AN INSANE 36F WARMER IN OUTRAGE OVER Pres. TRUMP! 11/17         DONALD TRUMP CAN'T READ!                          Shattered city of Borodyanka, NW of Kyiv                  
BorodyankaDevastation TRIPOD GRAPHICS must be accessed from  TRIPOD page eg. AUDIO, MENU        
Trump w handlers Zelensky Inauguration
-TV Comedian Zelensky Becomes Ukrainian Prez 2019 (left)   President Trump + Russian Handlers (right) Celebrate Comey Cauterizing- "Our troubles are Over!"-
Dec 2013- 2015 YATSENIUK, Maidan Videos , DBALTSEVE+ ILOVAISK MASSACRE, 14,000 RUS/SEPS in DONBAS-70% Rus, MINSK2 "PEACE",OBAMA Letter   

   HAS VLADIMIR PUTIN "BURIED" US?    New - Medium Nov '22
  It was Khrushchev's famous boast, WE WILL BURY YOU, though it may have been "We will outlive you (live to see you buried)". Horrifically, with the extremist delusional Denier takeover of the Repub Party, Vlad Vlad may be close to succeeding.
      In 1987 the KGB invited Donald Trump and Ivana to Moscow; back then that was the only way these things happened- they had first traveled to her native Czechoslovakia in 1978, where Czech secret police monitored them. The KGB were always on the lookout for amoral businessmen as sources, conduits, agents, dupes; to them Trump was a wet dream, a chatterbox gossip obsessed with revenge. While much has been made of the P-Tape, and no doubt ample compromat existed- Trump got the Lenin Suite in the National Hotel, Mr Trump was not someone who needed 17 year old erotic goddesses or blackmail to glean his cooperation. "I love people who give me money," he famously exclaimed, and give him money Russia certainly did- there's a reason Deutsche Bank lent the biggest deadbeat in the world $2.5 bil, even after he defaulted multiple times and even sued them for causing his defaults!

FORGOTTEN LESSONS OF THE COLD WAR - WAS SCREAMING ABOUT UKR INVASION THE WAY TO DETER IT? - Medium Kharkiv Police Bldg   Obviously we had specific intelligence, but America's entire reaction to this has been so hysterical, it was encouraging Putin! We have forgotten every lesson of the Cold War- how to deal with constant lies, provocations, bullying of a violent superpower; and ignored 11 years of outrages- Putin has been "winning" since 2008. Russia had done this 3-5 times before- moved 100K troops to near the border- to terrorize Ukraine, rattle their chain... but our frantic alarmism was telegraphing our weakness, maybe why China + Russia made that Violent Aggressor Union at the Olympics. You don't deter the Bear by saying you "expect them to invade", you calmly punch them in the the face... and then react to what they do! Rather than bracing Putin as a liar, we should have commenced a Berlin airlift of weapons, aircraft, + missiles (F16s, HARM, Stinger, antitank) to Ukraine (as I advocated to Obama in 2014). ADDENDUM: In retrospect, Biden's harping did manage to convince dubious Ukrs, how they wiped out the decapitation VDV, and led to instant world censure of Russia

ARE WE COOKED? - Global Warming Worse Than You Think New - Novaya Gazeta (editor won Nobel) LECTURE AUDIO - Mohyla U, Kyiv- 41mb, 1:28 hr
Greenland vertical river8 Recent Scientific Findings
each show warming will be much worse than worst case estimate; 850,000 yr old 4 km Antarctic ice cores prove radical temperature changes 2-4C happened as fast as 3 years; CO2 generation exploding from Chinese (more than US, EU +India) coal power plants; Methane's threat from melting tundra and gigantic ocean bottom methane hydrate deposits (twice all other fossil fuels combined!); High altitude sulfur from commercial jets has cooled the whole earth 1 C- so real global warming maybe double what we see; 1/3 of warming from black atmospheric soot from soaring coal burning; Catastrophic ice sheet collapse into deep ocean could make worldwide killer tsunamis; 8 Feedback loops multiply effects many fold, inc. melting Arctic Ice Cap going from 90% reflecting to 80% absorbing; CO2 in oceans released as it gets warmer; increased CO2 in ocean dissolving limestone shells, deforesting a WA state every year; Interviews w 5 top AGW scientists fm Nasa Goddard, UAlaska, USGS, UCLA     -vertical river into the 6000 ft Greenland Ice Cap

Was The Donald a Longtime Russian Asset?
- Medium - Jan 8, 2017
The 6 reasons Trump LOST the Election by +7.5 mil votes and the 6 Crimes He Committed
-    Incredible news has come out from a respected Brit MI-5 agent doing Oppo research on Trump that he was a Kremlin tool for 5 years and had been successfully blackmailed and funded! Not surprising he "believes" a KGB thug dictator rather than all our intelligence agencies!! Congress should delay the Inauguration 4 months to get Trump's taxes, conclude investigation, and maybe block EC result, instead of sleepwalking into allowing a likely traitor to become President.


Nasty Trump How Far Will the Demagogue Go?   -  Nov 27, 2016 - Medium
  What Will the Vindictive Donald Do to His "ENEMIES" with the Powers of the Presidency? The pathological Trump carries slights for for 20 years- will he bend the entire force of the Fed Gov against his critics and activate his 40 mil robotic zombie supporters to attack them?
 changing hryvna to dollars Ukraine

Pyrrhic Victories of  Putin and the West - updated Apr 28,2015
  BUSINESS INSIDER (short)    GLOBAL POST (short)   SCOOP    EUROMAIDANPRESS KYIV:  Russia's economy + currency are collapsing from oil price drop and sanctions, but Ukraine's is dropping faster: 67% drop in hryvna. Russia can survive it, but Ukraine is tottering on collapse and default. Russia destroyed Ukraine's economy, and the West has destroyed Russia's, utterly useless Pyrrhic "victories."  Without Donbas, coal is running out so Ukraine may go cold + dark. Putin, his great rep as a stabilizing force immolated, isolated + humiliated, could double down + do something truly reckless. Predicted mass Russian offensive in Donbass takes place w wipeout at Donetsk Airport and encirclement and disaster in Dbaltseve   MINSK 2 Agreement "Peace in our Time?"; New IMF + World Bank give $7.1 bil more for Ukr; ~4000 Massacred/Captive @Dbaltseve?, Hrv stablizes @ 23/$- Dec 21-2014- Apr 28-2015

CapGazette killer LIVING in the DANGER ZONE
- COA News   Reporters risk themselves in war zones for far more than glory, Vulnerability of freelancers, Tales of personal terror in the dissolving Russian Empire; A prayer for Jill Caroll- Jan 20,'06; Shoutout for the Capital Gazette's resilience

Russian President Acting Erratic  EuroMaidanPress  - Putin was weird at Minsk press conference;
Extraordinary pressures on Putin from all sides- caged in by imperialist monster he has unleashed; Rattles nuclear sabres
over Ukraine addressing Putin Youth camp (Nashi), pitiful, like a pimp getting approval from his stable - Sept 2

  WHAT'S PUTINS GAME: 5 Scenarios - EuroMaidanPress   ALT    
Is Putin coming or going? Are the half-empty Potemkin relief trucks a false flag op to be attacked and sPutin
                plottingpur a full PutINVASION or are they supposed to REMOVE the Seps and all their gear cause Putin is pulling the plug on the whole foul adventure?  Not since 1938-9 has the world so obsessed over the psycho-pathology of one potentate. WITHDRAW, INVADE, PUTIN's SNAPPED, BLEEDING UKR- the latest events, assessments, probabilities, and ramifications. Strelkov, Borodai, Bolotov, Gubarov all wounded/retired + removed. 2-4000 Russians regulars flood Ukraine w 400 tanks + APCs. American-Ukr millionaire diaspora pvt. killed- Aug 31

Kyiv July 2014: WithWinning Ukr troops
a stunning series of victories and rebel leaders fleeing (Bezler, Borodai), Ukraine may be close to a breakthrough in their Putinvasion/civil war. LATEST NEWS+LINKS Donetsk is encircled and almost cut off, has little electricity, water, phone- Lugansk also dark. Horlivka, Snizhne under seige. Sep counterattack w fresh Rus weapons in Shaktarsk, Torez- Donetsk's lifeline; Interview w National Guard troop who has been fighting 10 days - Jul 31 
NOTE: just after this story, Russia flooded Donbass with thousands of soldiers, many special forces, and Ukrs were crushed. The hero of this story, Andre, is missing in Ilovaisk (massacre)- anyone who knows of his fate plz contact; Donbas Bat. bazooka operator, 28-32, last phone ring - Aug 19- 0958350002, worked Olympisky detailing cars a year ago, single father w 7 yo daughter Violet

IMPERIAL STRETCH: A Bridge Too Far - Yahoorus-grn-men-crimea  LOCAL (updated 4/19)   KYIV: With his reckless Crimean invasion Putin has unleashed titanic forces that may sweep him from power in 4-5 years: inspiration to 6 separatist regions of Russia, economic devastation from sanctions and Euro resource diversification, reinvigorated NATO + EU, EU pushed into Ukraine's arms, EUAA signed, $36 billion of loans + grants; outraged Russian liberals, desperate oligarchs, world economy closed, UKR lost forever  in Ukrainianburning-dynamo-stadium-tkt-off-hammernews
-Green Men- Crimea    burning Kiev Dynamo ticket office 1-20-2014© MHammerschlag-

DANGEROUS TIMES:  YANUKOVICH  LIKE A CORNERED RAT  - Interview of Mike by Bulgarian journo- Yanukovich dangerous + unpredictable because all efforts to break up Maidan failed + his power was slipping away; Bloodbath 2 wks later was his demise -Economics (Mag) Feb 5

RI NIGHTCLUB FIRE - In the News, 15th Anniv. Exclusive ARCHIVE- Worst US fire in quarter century rips through smallest state- w photos, interviews, radio reports  MIRROR (no popups)     Inferno horror at The Station nightclub, Band fireworks ignite foam- 100 dead; W. Warwick R.I. - Feb 21, 2003   250 now dead in identical nightclub firework fires in Brazil, 194 dead Buenos Aires 2004, 152 Perm 2009, 66 Thailand- What does it take for people to learn? Just a charged fire extinguisher by any fireworks and one guard to babysit it 

Ct shooting victims

 THE COPYCAT EFFECT - In the News (forever)  UPDATED Oct 2015 ARCHIVE ALT (w pics) MediaChannel  Proves sensational media coverage of rampage killers causes people to copy it; Loren Coleman's important new book; Media + journalistic response; Ethics and better approaches; Analysis of newsmags coverage; Possible imminent risks: CLEAR and PRESENT DANGERS - Columbine + Waco/OKC bombing anniversaries and apocalyptic cults - April 21, 2005

crowd at windows Ukr Dom
                -18C 3:30am

   - Children killed in Newtown CT school massacre

                                     Protstr badgering police-Ukraine House  -18C 2am Jan 29-2014\A9MHammerschlag -       

VICTORY FOR MAIDAN PROTESTS? - THE TAKING of UKRAINIAN HOUSEScoop  the frigid (-18C) seige and taking of Ukrainian House; Klitschko saves day; Yanu cracks- offer PM, DPM, concessions to Opposition; Ode to courage + endurance of Ukrs  Jan 29, 2014

COUNTDOWN: LAST  CHANCE  FOR  UKRAINE  Yahoo   LOCAL (w pics) Predicts EuroMaidan Protests 3 weeks before they happen! KIEV:  Ukraine at crossroads between East and West: join the Russian Eurasian Customs Union or sign the EU Association Agreement  and Free Trade Agreement  in Lithuania Nov 28-9. Incredibly, after 15 years of negotiation, Pres. Yanukovich scotched the deal a week before. Huge demonstrations have broken out across Ukraine  - most people prefer the EU. The choice is stark: whether Ukraine will be locked in a neo-Soviet ghetto of dependency and corruption, or join the Western world in greater transparency, freedom, and rule of law.   - Nov 2-Dec 1    pics- Maidan Nov 24-2013\A9MH

2003 iraqinvasion - shock + aweFIRM of MIND, SOFT on FACTS - In the News-15th Anniv., Exclusive Liberal Slant, Bartcop ARCHIVE Bush has, with a steady stream of lies, deceptions, and propaganda, has managed to convince half the country that Saddam supports Al Qaida or even was behind 9-11. Iraq invasion historic blunder that may echo through the decades- 3-17-2003 (eve of Invasion) ALT   WARBLOG 3/19-5/19/03

SECOND TRY AT DEPOSING YANUKOVICH GOVERNMENT     KievAccording to Arseniy Yatseniuk, Opposition forces arrayed against President Victor Yanukovich may be poised for another attempt to remove his Prime Minister, and Government in a No Confidence vote in the Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament. The last time on Dec. 3rd, they received only 189 votes, far short of the 226 needed to succeed. - Scoop   Dec 18  UTUBE VIDEO BBC/my YATSENIUK Interview- Dec 13, 2013

Molodist Film Festival Opening   - Review: Walesa: Man of Hope - Kyiv Post  LOCAL walesa movie
    The 43rd Molodist Film Festival, one of oldest and biggest (42yr, 250-300 movies) in Europe, opened on Saturday with a premier of Walesa, the inspirational tale of the indomitable man who helped bring dowshipwreck picn an empire. - Oct 19, 3013

  ICELANDIC TRIALS-- In the News - Kurmakur made EVEREST5 Kyiv Post Two Icelandic films by cinematographer Bergsteinn Bjorgulfsson and director Batasar Kurmakur made as splash at Molodist: The Deep, an incredible true tale of shipwreck survival in the Arctic, and XL, a kaleidoscopic 60-ish story of the vast excesses of a Parliament Deputy. LOCAL - Oct 21, 2013    5 - I met expedition leaders + fatalities Scott Fischer + Rob Hall climbing Mt Rainier in '87 (huge volcano on Windows 8 that looms over Seattle), where they were Mtn guides/rangers

JFK JFK- LINGERING SHADOWS - 50 years ago the crime of the century occured and the echos still reverberate;  The conspiracy theories defeat themselves, multiplying like mutant strains, till the truth itself is just another aberration, another chip in a pile of chips;  With interview of historical conspiracist Rush Harp - perhaps best thing I've ever written (orig. 1983)

Vitalie Klitchko - Kyiv Rally Oct 15 Ukraine Parliamentary Elections:  Great Clean Hope?- Sevastopol vote counting- Reno DominicoHeavy weight champion Vitaly Klitschko's political party UDAR (PUNCH) underperforms but beats Communists; Could Dr. Iron Fist have reduced the Africa-level corruption of the richest resource FSU country?   Photos  - Oct 30, 2012    Audio
-- Photo - Oct 15, Kyiv Shulyavskaya rally 2012Michael Hammerschlag                  Sevastopol Vote Counting --

98% reporting: Party of Regions wins sweeping but tainted victory 30.2%, 25.4% Batkivshchina (Tymoshenko), 13.8% Udar, 13.3% Communist,  10.3% Svobody (Ukr nationalists) in party list vote; though allied opposition would outmatch POR-Com 49.5% v 43.5%; but POR coalition could get 56% of final seats- at least 250* of 450 Rada seats (assuming they "per$uade" 60% of 50 "independent" and smaller party victors to join); MORE  * On Dec 13, the Rada elected a new POR Speaker Rybak by 250 votes + reelected Azarov PM by 254   obama-romney

OBAMA's STRENGTHS TRUMP ROMNEYKyiv Post   Obama's calm tough leadership in foreign policy has decimated Al Qaida, ended US involvement in Iraq, saved the Benghazans, won America world respect; whereas hothead Romney has promised new conflicts in Iran, Syria, and with Russia and China.. and wants to unleash Wall St. hucksters and punish the poor; the FSU is sadly not a priority with the West [written before BO's pitiful performance in 1st debate] Oct 2012

SAFE HAVEN - Is Ukraine racist? Sometimes it is endlessly surprising. Story of a beloved Angolan Ukrainian  - Kyiv Post     LOCAL

 THE GOLDEN RING- Quest for the Presidency - Repub contendersYahoo   LOCAL Republican contenders + pretender- all too extreme?; blow by  blow flips in states; Profile of Romney and his Mormon exoticism (can he ever win Repub hearts?); and Obama's problems, and supposed betrayal of the base in various suppressive acts; w long interview of fmr DNC chair + Pres. candidate Howard Dean - Feb-May 2012 - Scoop    in Ukrainian      in Russian  (older)               

tymoshenko in court

BACK IN THE USSR - Kyiv Post    ORIGINAL   After a teaser of decriminalizing the ridiculous charges against Tymoshenko, the Yanukovich government decided to crucify her- with a dozen new investigations inc. contract killing. In the financial charges there may be a glimmer of truth, but the 7 year treason sentence for her normal duties was preposterous. Examples of treason, betraying one's state, were the Oedipal Bush-neocon invasion of Iraq, which benefited no one but war profiteer Dick Cheney and killed 300-400,000... or the throwing of the RosUkrEnergo case in the Stockholm Arbitration Tribunal, which bankrupted state co. Naftogaz and could lose Ukraine its sovereignty- Nov 2011
Tymoshenko in court that gave her 7 year sentence               

CRIME  STORY -(gif) re. Boston Bombing - In the News ARCHIVE Dec 94 HTML vers UNTOLD STORY of REASONS Behind 1st CHECHEN WAR - Exclusive; Hijackings of Buses with Children, Raids + Stripping of Trains, Hundreds of Billions of Counterfeiting, Vicious Chechen Mafia; Historical Genocides and Hatreds; STORY Western Media repeated was simplistic "Soviet Bear Rising"  (my '94 NPR talk show on Chechen War + rise of Russian Mafia (ALTNPR Comments on Moscow theater bloodbath- slider to 25:30          

RI NIGHTCLUB FIRE - In the News, 10th Anniv. Exclusive ARCHIVE- Worst US fire in quarter century rips through smallest state- w photos, interviews, radio reports  MIRROR     Inferno horror at The Station nightclub, Band fireworks ignite foam- 100 dead; W. Warwick R.I. - Feb 21, 2003   250 now dead in identical nightclub firework fires in Brazil, 194 dead Buenos Aires 2004, 152 Perm 2009, 66 Thailand- What does it take for people to learn? Just a charged fire extinguisher by any fireworks and one guard to babysit it

VOYAGES to NEW WORLDS: Vesta- from orbit; 2nd biggest asteroid though the end of the Shuttle means we are dependent on Russian launches, a plethora of unmanned missions are happening: the Dawn orbited the second biggest asteroid Vesta July 16, 2011 (330mi. diam. and will go on to the biggest Ceres in a year (arrive 2015) - 590mi diam. with significant water ice); the $1.1 bil JUNO spacecraft blasted off Aug 5th for a 5-6 year trip to a a polar orbit of Jupiter, the Mini Cooper-size Curiosity rover takes off for Mars on Thanksgiving; and the Sun has had the longest period of quiet + cool in recorded history: from 2006-2009, 800 days without a sunspot, yet we still had the hottest years in history (now maybe back 4 million years) in 2005 + 2010, when the cool sun was negating some of the Global Warming!  But, the 11 year-cycle warmer solar maximum is in 2013-2014, when the coming Great Drought may hit- Texas everywhere. July 2011  Dawn leaves Vesta for Ceres 9/5/2012
- asteroid Vesta from Dawn spacecraft in orbit

WHO'S SAYIN HUSSEIN NOW? - Scoop  Bin Laden's death is good news, but his quick disposal will fuel conspiracy theories: monsters must be displayed to prove they are gone- PolPot, Ceaseacu, Mussolini; Better he rotted in a US prison- now he become myth and martyr; But America was changed and damaged forever, by it's own overreaction and Bush's Oedipal criminal invasion of Iraq; $3 trillion of endless war + 400,000 dead 

ABSOLUTE POWERScoop , OpEdNews, KIEV: In seizinglum yanukovichg full control of the Courts, City of Kiev, changing the Constitution to the old powerful-President one, prosecuting the impotent opposition (imprisoning 25!), and restricting who can run in local elections; Yanukovich and his Party of Regions have managed to do in 7 months what took Putin 7 years- achieve an absolute monopoly of control in Ukraine. The Supreme Court was demoted and bowdlerized, as the High Court of Justice and Constitutional Court were packed with majority POR judges.- Oct 2010

THE BEAR'S EMBRACE - Kyiv Weekly FULL Pres. Medvedev comes to Kiev- signs deals on nuclear loans and plant-building; joint aviation projects; controversial border "resolution" and joint Rukrainian textbook production to howls from marginalized opposition; Answers questions at Taras Shevchenko U; Linguistic war against Russian is over- deep sense of comfort among Russian speakers; Yanukovich attacked by Mother Nature May 27flower, 2010

DON'T BE S.A.D., BE BOTANICAL - Botanical gardens of Kiev -- Kyiv Weekly May 27, 2010      The beauty of Kiev's 2 Botanichsky Sads- the central one by Universitet Metro, and the huge Vydubichy one south

TAKEOVERgas pipes - Kyiv Weekly Can Ukraine Remain Independent - FULL Putin's suggestion that Gazprom and Naftogaz merge hit with a thunderclap; At 6% value, Naftogaz would be devoured by Gazprom and Ukraine would be under Moscow's thumb; Oligarchs maybe last guarantors of Ukr independence- they would lose immense powers being vassals of Moscow; Yanukovich resists proposal- Ukrainians have been managing Russian overlordship for centuries; - May 20   Black Sea Fleet-Sevastopol C MHammerschlag 2010

ENDLESS GAS - Kyiv Weekly - COMPLETE   Ukraine got some breathing space on gas prices- 30% discount in exchange for 25 years longer stay of Black Sea Fleet, but at what cost; Tymoshenko's deal was horrible, Ukr paid among the highest prices in Europe, but gas is plentiful due to exploding US (and soon Polish/Ukr) shale gas production and Ukraine has negligible transportation costs, so the 30% "discount" was maybe 4%; Is the next part of this deal turning over Ukraine's pipelines to Russia, it's last bargaining chip? With Russia buying Industrial Union of Donbass, (probably) stage-managing the Kyrgyz revolt, helping Ukraine with billions of loans for nuclear power plants- Russia is rising, and looking to extend it's web of influence throughout Ukraine- April 30

BLUE STEEL - Billionaire's Boy's Club;
Ukraine  2010 Pres Election -
Business Ukraine KIEV: Mar 25, 2010 Ex-convict ex-PM Yanukovich has won the Presidential election by 3.47% points over Tymoshenko in a 69% turnout. She claimed fraud and challenged the result in a friendly Appeals Court (which was threatened in an occupation by POR MP's weeks ago), but liberals were dispirited. 4.4% voted "against all". All election observer groups have declared the result fair. On Feb 20th Tymoshenko withdrew her challenge when the court rejected some of her claims and Yanukovich was inaugurated Feb 25th. With blinding speed, her coalition collapsed and enough of her BYuT delegates and orphaned Our Ukraine MOP's defected to Yanukovich's Party of Regions to give them a majority and end her reign as PM on March 3 (though that violates the Constitution). Yanukovich immediately packed his Cabinet with the billionaire bosses of the POR, without a single Orange face, and has moved to control the Court system and attain absolute control.Yushchenko's reckless constant undercutting of Tymoshenko, no matter what the damage to the country, has given Ukraine back to the oligarchs, and to a lesser extent Russia, as dreams of European integration recede and Soviet-style corruption returns.

URK PreElection Radio Report
(MP3 audio) - KIEV:  Realplayer - 6:06min, Jan 17-18, 2010 Ukrainian voters are exhausted and disillusioned by the endless vicious battles between the big 3 candidates: President Yushchenko, PM Tymoshenko, and former PM Yanukovich, but after Presidential elections Jan17, one will soon be gone.- Yushchenko's support has plummeted to 5%. The top 2 will participate in the second round runoff in 3 weeks with Yanukovich (35% -results) leading Timoshenko (25%) by 10%. Early fresh face former Speaker Yatseniuk (7%) faded with an atrocious advertising campaign, but newcomer Sergei Tigipko has surged to third (13%). Interviews of a dozen voters in Kiev + Mohyla Academy Political Science Professor Olexiy Haran.

CAIRO (not) CALM - In the News Scoop CAIRO: Obama gave a historic speech in the heart of tmomma + babyhe Arab World June 4th. A Feb 22nd terrorist bombing in Cairo sounded like business as usual... but Cairo is really one of safest cities in world, where one can walk anywhere at 3am; and never hear an anti-Western sentiment in 2 months; partly due to the civilizing effect of Islam, which punishes rude, criminal,or violent behavior, but Egyptians are really special-a warm blend of world peoples; inc. police crackdown on the mildest protest.- March 2009  Cairo Crime Wave aft Police Demoralized- NYT 5-12

HALLELUAH... HEALTH CARE- Obama Gets his Mojo Back - Scoop LOCAL On the cusp of a "failed Presidency", Obama settles down, gives up on bipartisanship, and wins the strange half-a-loaf health care bill. Like a magician, he then achieves a historic START arms control agreement with the Russians, cuts out banks from the student loan business, and makes 15 recess appointments. This President has depths of resilience and smarts unseen before.- April 1
TALE OF THREE WORLDS - Skullduggery in the Sugar Business- KIEV: What is going on at the Ukrainian Sugar Company, a Mykolayev project of the commodities giant ED&F Man with a 25% Ukrainian investor UPK/TEKT. TEKT claims that the coal bought for the renovated plant by the Polish managers is "dead rock" and the new factory is a sweetheart deal used one; Man and USC say the plant was in such poor shape they had to replace it, and that original assets were diverted. After over 2 years it still hasn't started production

"DEADLY" EPIDEMIC in UKRAINE - KIEV: Ukraine panics over swine flu epidemic but the numbers don't support anything out of the ordinary- less deaths or sickness from flu than last year

HEALTH FIASCO - Scoop, OpEdNews It was all suppose to go right this time, but Obama's obsession with compromise and bipartisanship may doom the health care plan to an exorbitant boondoggle, enriching the medical/drug complex parasites beyond their wildest dreams, and breaking the back of the US financial system. The best option that works around the world- single payer- wasn't on the table, but the most corrupt provision ever- no negotiation for bulk drug prices (estimated to waste $60 billion/year) is enshrined in it. A handful of right-wing screaming shills at town halls are defeating a 70% popular plan. Congress is bought and paid for on this issue, on both sides of the isle.-
ADDEN: Miraculously the public option was readded and yoeman work has been done, but what concessions will be needed to make 60

PIK (Russian, Ukrainian), Scoop- KIEV: The invasion of Georgia scared FSU states, esp. Ukraine who lobbied fervently for NATO membership, but that would provoke the exact crisis it was designed to prevent, which the callous gas cutoff is showing. Nobody really wants Ukraine in NATO, the people (61% against vs 24%), the Rada, and NATO itself, for whom Ukr instability and Russian military presence would be destabilizing.- Dec 2008

- Nov 5, '08 For decades harsh evangelicals have controlled and distorted the Republican party, drowning out other voices and imposing their narrow views on the country; But a new morality has emerged in Obama's historic election from the vast bulk of voters who are sick of war, of corruption, of lies, and stupidity... who believe in Obama's phrase that we are our brother's keepers
JACKSON DESERVES A SEAT AT THE TABLE - ARCHIVE In the News Seattle Times- Jackson's energy, eloquence, careful reasoned arguments, + superb performance in 1988 debates has earned him a shot at Sec. State (first golden-tongue black to run for Prez)

Despite his "maverick" image, John McCain's judgment has been abysmal, starting with his decision to remain in a brutal NV prison for 4 1/2 years rather than go home (which we questioned him on). His economic advisor, friend, and so-called "genius" Phil Gramm wrote the bills that tore down Depression protections and exempted these junk bond derivatives from any regulation- creating this economic meltdown; McCain was a fervent backer of the catastrophic Iraq invasion + has never had any qualms; Cynical choice of the woefully unqualified Palin for Veep endangers nation; Rash reckless decisions the norm- Scoop, OpedNews

2003 iraq
                        invasion - shock + awe

THE BUSH BATTERED DOLLAR - Scoop, OpedNews -April '08  In the News Malaga, Spain:  With 4-6 trillion dollars of tax cuts to the rich + burning
                    dollarhis wanton war, Bush has rung up more deficits than all Presidents combined. Since he took office, the dollar has dropped 47%, 8% in just a recent 5 weeks- halving the value of trillions of dollars of foreign investments. For Americans living abroad the slow sickening slide of the dollar is devastating- every week less Rubles or Euros or Crowns. The now worthless Republican-deregulated junk mortgage derivative bonds are supposedly more than all the real stocks and bonds put together... and world markets are hanging by a thread. Swiss UBS Bank just wrote off $37 billion, and Japan could have $300 billion of losses. A collapse by any major player could create a chain reaction that would cause a worldwide collapse. Desperate to prevent that, the Fed injected $500 bil just to stabilize things. Lehman Bros collapses, Merril sold, AIG, WashMutual tottering

GEORGIA'S FOLLY & the RAGE OF THE BEAR Kiev:   Saakashvili's reckless invasion of S. Ossetia was bound to provoke a virulent Russian reaction, but it has disappeared in the news as the world's condemnation falls entirely on Russia;  McCain's foreign policy advisor is a paid lobbyist for Georgia- did he or Administration encourage this to create a new bugaboo enemy to intimidate voters, since terrorism wasn't working anymore?; Georgia isn't Budapest or Prague, but the Russians can't resist grinding their face in the dirt as an object lesson for Ukraine, Estonia, or Poland- Scoop, OpedNews Aug 19, 08

ARE WE COOKED?- Global Warming Worse Than You Think new 8 Latest Scientific Findings each show warming will be much worse than worst case estimate; 850,000 yr old 4 km Antarctic ice cores prove radical temperature changes 5-12C happened as fast as 3 years; CO2 generation exploding from Chinese (+ Indian) coal power plants; Methane's threat from melting tundra and gigantic ocean bottom methane hydrate deposits (twice all other fossil fuels combined!); High altitude sulfur from commercial jets have cooled the whole earth 1 C- so real global warming is over double what we see, and airline collapses could instantly raise worldwide temps; 1/3 of Gulf Stream not flowing North; 1/3 of warming from black atmospheric soot from soaring coal burning; Catastrophic ice sheet collapse into deep ocean could make worldwide killer tsunamis; 8 Feedback loops multiply effects many fold, inc. ice pack going from 90% reflecting to 80% absorbing; CO2 in oceans released as it gets warmer; increased CO2 in ocean dissolving limestone shells, deforesting a WA state every year; Interviews w 5 top GW scientists fm Nasa Goddard, UAlaska, USGS, UCLA - coming;

ENDLESS SUMMER- Element Moscow (travel) ORIGINAL   Morocco: Beautiful, spacious, stylish Valencia, Spain is a place without winter; where the museums are mostly free and open till 8:30pm (even 1am!), where the food is good and people live well, where 2200 years of history and an Islamic heritage are on display in the architecture. - Mar 13, '08

ROMAN HOLIDAY- Element Moscow (travel) ORIGINAL   Rome: Tired of the frigid gloom of the third Rome's mud season? Get away - to the first Rome. From the bldgs of the Forum, to the massive Colosseum (where up to a million people died over 330 years), to the most perfectly preserved lg ancient building, the Pantheon ... Rome is magnificent.     3000 years of Roman history are splayed out, with Christian churches cannibalizing ancient buildings, and a dizzying array of overlapping layers of antiquity.- Jan 22, 08

NO SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL- Moscow: Putin visited the NKVD killing fields of Butovo and expressed sympathy for the tens of millions of victims of the purges and murders, for the first time; Before he had exalted the security agencies and diminished the crimes of his agency; Many places have had genocidal monsters, but only Russia still has fans of them; supposedly 35% would vote for Stalin now if he were running- Oped News ; Nov 07

THE INFINITE PUTIN ARCHIVE Capital Times   ORIGINAL    Moscow: Putin is supposed to leave office in March, but that was impossible to believe. Appointing unknown crony Viktor Zubkov PM (told only the day before and rammed through rubber stamp Congress 2 days later) ends the doubt. Zubkov will be anointed President (+ win), Putin will become Prime Minister, and Zubkov may resign in 6-12 months to let Vladimir Vladimirovich return as Prez. Massive conflicts of interests in the Kremlin, where mini oligarch ministers control the biggest corporations in the world and can't separate their interests from those of the state, crushing and absorbing competitors.- October 4, '07, (On May 7, 2008 Putin became PM; In 2012 he will return for 12 years as Prez, the "tandem" decided, though unprecedented protests sprung up)

PUTIN'S CHILDREN (Orig.) - NYT - International Herald Tribune   IHT orig      ONLINE NYT vers.  July 6, 2007 -  from Moscow    The Putin Youth groups: Nashi, Young Guard, Young Russia; badger and terrorize anyone who even differs with Kremlin positions; By propagandizing the vulnerable, is the Kremlin poisoning the seed corn of young minds? On June 12th, Russian Independence Day, Red Sq. was reserved for the Party faithful   po Ryccki    

My LECTURE (RealAudio) MP3 @CHEKHOV CENTER, MOSCOW- The Rise + End of the Bush Era 6-20-07, 33min of 50

RATTLING RUSTING SABERS-   from Moscow - The US's proposed "missile shield" in Eastern Europe has provoked a heated reaction by Russia; Encircled by NATO against promises, facing renewed US nuclear development and bases in FSU, the US cancelling ABM treaty + non-proliferation regimes; Have the Russians been betrayed? Heavy handed cutoffs of gas + oil supplies to neighbors have led them to seek shelter with the West, no matter how destabilizing. Can Russia glean respect without threats?- June 6, 2007       OpedNews    Scoop

FADING FREEDOMS- Capital Times - from Moscow (must view in IE) Step by step democracy has become a fading photograph of the nineties, as Putin restricts, harrasses and crushes political independence, the free press, and concentrates all power in the Kremlin; Giant state industries reconstituting as the state forces out foreign oilcos- March 24, 2007      LONG with Pics (almost in NYT, "too vivid for commentary")

In the News Energy Bulletin- LOCAL - SS trust fund has no cash, so Bush's privatization plan would need to borrow $200-300 bil a year; Deficit is real threat to SSS; Dollar has dropped 38% since mid 2001- disaster if foreigners stop buying our bonds that fund deficit, let alone sell them; Cause epidemic of home forclosures+ bankruptcies- Mar 10, 2005-  Los Angeles Herald, SCOOP -NZ, Smkg Chp    DEBT CLOCK

DEATH OF A BEAR - from Moscow    Boris Yeltsin, despite his faults, was a courageous decent leader and a historical giant; Tagged with much that wasn't his fault, the early Boris broke up the largest empire on earth without bloodshed + ended the Cold War that could have killed 500 million- Scoop, Johnson Russia List, OpedNews- April 22, 2007

THE PRESIDENT'S CONTEMPT - After 7 years of lies, corruption, national security failures, and a disastrous unjustified war, the new Dem Congress is asking questions; Heedless of the Constitution, Bush is giving no answers + with unprecedented arrogance, directed staffers to not testify; Time for inherent contempt charges? Tally of Bush's cost in human lives- OpedNews, Online Journal- Aug 2007

9-11 NARCISSISM - The Oliver Stone movie World Trade Center is another moving hagiopic to the terrible sacrifice of 9-11. But we've been celebrating ourselves for being victims for 5 years now, and it's too much. It's time to stop congratulating ourselves for something we didn't do. And we didn't do many things.- Aug 2006 Scoop, Worldnews

NSA Director Gen. William Odom (news article) exclusive (REALAUDIO) RMfile- 52 min    Dissects strategic blunder of Iraq, escape strategies, geopolitical consequences, Iran attack, Korea- April 7, 2006 -Watson Institute Brown Univ.- OpedNews, Scoop + 69,000 venues- My Questions 7m (wma)

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION   updated 6-1-6 AlterNet   Scoop   OpEd News  ALT    ALT2    Against every rule of occupation, almost no effort was made to secure the vast munitions stores of Iraq after the invasion;  250,000 tons, 39% of the ordinance was looted by insurgents and is killing our soldiers every day. IED deaths have more than doubled in the last year- now 71% of US hostile fatalities, and there's enough looted armaments to make ten 500 lb IED's a day for the next 274 years. Interview of Military Intelligence agent who reveals how even an ammo dump next to huge US base was negligently allowed to be looted.- Oct 28, '05

LIVING in the DANGER ZONE - COA News   Reporters risk themselves in war zones for far more than glory, Vulnerability of freelancers, Tales of personal terror in the dissolving Russian Empire; A prayer for Jill Caroll- Jan 20, '06

CALIFORNIA ENERGY RIPOFF WASN'T JUST CRIME- 6 power companies, led by Enron, by manipulating power production, raised rates up to 90 fold; CAL paid in one day what it had been paying in 3 months; Used this vast scam to punish Gore voting state (+12%) and depose Dem governor; secret Cheney Energy Task Force likely plotted Iraq war - Bartcop, Buzzflash

UNPATRIOTIC SPYING - OpedNews,  Scoop, Online Journal  The FBI is doing full spectrum warrantless monitoring of 30,000 people a year, but are there even 3000 legitimate terrorism suspects a year?  Now the Pentagon, CIA, NSA have also been spying on Americans- all illegally or illegitimately. No judge, no magistrate, no control, no limits;  Records are open to state, local, and corporate "authorities" and are never destroyed. Thousands can rip through anyone's life, and could this vindictive administration avoid persecuting critics? Billions of domestic calls indexed, analyzed; With stunning revelation from Joe Wilson. Jan 5, 06

STOPPING the NEXT BOSNIA- ARCHIVE com. scoop Capital Times -Dec 13, 2003 FULL version. - It seems obvious we will be forced out of Iraq, which will explode into Civil War between the 63% Shiites and 17% Sunni former rulers (and the 19% Kurds?); Bosnia across California; Beirut in the third biggest oil country- Maybe partitioning Iraq could mitigate or prevent the coming bloodbath - Nov 4;      TALK SHOW (audio) on subj.- 40min w Barry Farber- Dec 4, 03     Brown U. Conf. on Kurds (audio) 4:03 min- Oct 1

A WARM + BRIGHT FUTURE ARCHIVE  In the News part 1-(Maui Time- Sept 1-14, 1998) + part 2 (9/15-28)  Evidence and results of worldwide unprecedented warming- hottest ten years in last 2000 all since 1981. 1998 hottest year ever, 1997 hottest before that, each month a new world's record (inc 9/2005). Discusses nitrogen oxides, methane, + water vapor's huge contributions (3-5 TIMES what we've been computing).  Part 1 - Evidence for worldwide global warming- may cause a possible ice age    What we can do + what we will do; Weather extremes + resulting deaths..       Letter from VP Al Gore about article (jpeg)            HTML FULL Article     US NEWS cover story on Global Warming 2/28/00 - Antarctic Meltdown    WEST ANTARCTIC ICESLIDE        4800 Cu. Mi. ARCTIC ICE MELTED- 2-17-05   POINT of NO RETURN - 9-16     COLD WAVE KILLS THOUSAND IN EUROPE - 1-20-06     DIMMING the SUN- pollution has stopped 2 rise

OVER THERE (gif)- Capital Times Feb 26, 2005 HTML Bush claims we are fighting them there so they won't come here, and that seems logical, even to some liberals; After all, there haven't been more attacks in America- Feb 15     Washington Dispatch

HUNTING  TRUTH - The Trouble with Harry- MediaChannel  Is the Veep's shooting accident story as honest as the Iraqi WMD's?, Accident report shows much closer distance than 90 ft claimed- smaller pellet spread, too many pellets + too much penetration; Cheney + Willeford abandon him and go 100 yards farther, Cheney shoots him in the safe zone in a line towards the car, "Witness" sees everything from inside car 100 yards away; with Interviews of Corpus Christi reporters, ballistics experts; investigative shotgun pattern comparisons; Whittington blasted by 2/3 of shot in shell!- Feb 15-25

BUSH's BIG BETRAYAL ARCHIVE  First Cheney + Co. tried to bully the CIA into claiming Iraq was an imminent threat; then they created their own "intelligence" outfit, which incorporated every wild rumor. After Iraq Niger uranium purchase was proved a cheap forgery, betray CIA second time by trying to blame them. Worse, they punish Ambassador that reported on Niger forgery by outing his wife as a CIA agent; The CIA has many ways to hurt him; imperial lies + stupidities carefully filed and indexed. - SmChp, Liberal Slant, Buzzflash, Bartcop- July 23, 03   One of the First Commentaries about Plame Scandal

RADIO COMMENTARY on backpack bombs in London re Iraq fm Jan '03

CLOUD WORLD: MISSION to TITAN- Jan 14 the 11 year $3 billion Cassini mission to Saturn, successfully dropped a landing probe into the most earthlike atmosphere in the Solar System, Titan. Bigger than planets Mercury or Pluto, it has a nitrogen atmosphere 1.5 X Earth's pressure and 4½X as dense. But it is a bitter –178C, leading to speculation of lakes, oceans, and volcanoes of liquid methane- photos seem to show that (inc.); w interview of Huygens scientist ESA, Germany- SCOOP (NZ), MSN-UK

GETTING GOOD NEWS: The Government vs. the Press in Times of War (audio)   Mike's BROWN U. LECTURE (listing)- History of Press restrictions in Wars since WW2; How Vietnam changed everything and made the media the enemy- 27 min., Salomon Hall, Brown Univ.- Dec 13, 04  Poster

Could America Go Bad?-   Columnized   What would America do if we were hit with a terrorist nuclear attack ... with this President, Congress, and a packed Supreme Court? Hyperbolic nightmare scenario- Nov 23- Op-Ed News, USA Editorial, Tokyo Hello, North American Media, Chinese American News, South American Business Daily, Saudi Post, Hiroshima Post, Scoop, Liberia Sport, World Economist, Turkmen Post, Tunesia Cup, World News Network

- The first Catholic candidate in 44 years lost the Catholic vote, almost lost the Hispanic vote, lost ground with women; and neglected to talk about the immorality of Bush's "values"... If he actually did lose- Nov 4-20- Crisis Papers

KERRY's COMEBACKWashington Dispatch - Kerry outmatched the accidental President in the first debate but he could have put him away had he concentrated on Bush's greatest weakness; With evaluation of all debates, and strategy- Oct 2-16
- In the News ARCHIVE
Nightmare of North Korean nukes: the most dangerous country in the world has started to produce a nuclear arsenal + has missiles; Administration response?- no negotiations, no problem;   But Saddam needs crushing;   History of NK terrorism- Liberal Slant 1/4/03
  S.Korean naval ship sinks near NKorea; 46 missing

NO RESPONSIBILITY IN BUSH'S FANTASY WORLD   ALT Bush steamed straight ahead in a speech that penalized no one for the systematic brutalization of our Army prisoner policy and ignored the insanity of dumping entire Iraq mess on a government in 5 weeks that doesn't exist -May 25   SmrkCp

DUNNING DEAN   DID the DOCTOR GET GORED - mediachannel    COLUMNIZED  HTML Did the media try to destroy Howard Dean by harping on his liberalness and inexperience (both untrue), and electability until it became a self-fulfilling prophecy with Dems desperate to defeat Bush? Analysis of coverage of campaign fm Wash. Post, Newsweek, New Republic, US News, TV debates; with NH reporting - Jan 26 (contains next article)- almost Tribune Syndicate

A BRUTAL WAKE-UP CALL - (9-12-01) We have been heedless and careless in failing to dispatch bin Laden, protect our airliners w skymarshals or an air cap over our cities; blind in our ignorance of the growing Palestinian rage; stupid in our cruel embargo of a crushed foe; arrogant in our imagined invulnerability// Our enemies noticed...but will reap the whirlwind- Liberal Slant-Sept 12, 2001 PHOTOS:   WTC Ruins 12/6   View fm Summit     More Summit     Ruin Stills fm Video 9P  IMAGES of 9-11 6P

MONSTERS from the NORTHWEST-   ARCHIVE  not surprising one sniper is from Seattle area- world capital for serial killers- causes, effects, and personal impacts- 11/1/02    Gunman in black kills 7 at Seattle party house w shotgun and handgun- 3/06Seattle Times

DEAN and the WORLD
- (columnized doc) - Dems are asking who can stop Dean, but they should ask, should we even try? Dean's world view is solidly in the mainstream, inc. Iraq- increasingly strident attacks on him are sign of desperation, but may doom Party candidate; Rove is actually afraid of Dean; With analysis of Dean's foreign policy; inc. questioning him and reporting from NH- Jan 2-17 Liberal Slant, Smr Chp, BushWatch, Bartcop, Democrats;    AUDIO of NH Town Meetings       TALK SHOW on subject w Barry Farber- 38min- Jan 6

RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT TAKES CONTROL of TELEVISION- War of the Vladimirs.. Return to the Bad Old Days?- Putin Has Taken Control of 2 Other Networks; Strengthened Press Ministry; Prosecuted and Persecuted Gusinsky's (+ Berezovsky's) Media Empire- History of, Reasons for, + Meaning of Conflict- with timeline - April 9,2001   3000 or 1500 wd      Issue Cover                  TALK SHOW Comments on Reporter Attacks - (move slider to 44:40)

FAREWELL COLUMBIA- The nightmare of manned spacecraft- an immolating reentry- finally has struck after being staved off for 42 years. What should NASA have done to prevent it? Personal wonders of space. - Liberal Slant 2/3/03

TREMBLING ON THE BRINK-- ARCHIVE Online Journal 1/16/02   ALT HTML    Pakistan + India have mobilized almost all their forces and are marching towards a war that neither can control; Both countries have 30-100 nuclear bombs and the missiles to deliver them; With such tiny numbers, paranoia and pressure for a first strike could be irresistible- a threat that will last a decade; Kashmiri terrorism-    Cover

BUSH's WANTON WAR- Liberal Slant   Saddam is a monster, but Bush's militancy is due to the '93 plot to kill his father and upcoming elections, not any imminent danger or 9-11 guilt. Punishing enemies is a family tradition, where he started his career- Bartcop 10/12/02 LOCAL

AIRLINE INSECURITY-5 months after 9-11 gaping security holes exist in the airline system. "Screening" now means "passenger bag matching", but they can't even manage that for the connecting flight; Skymarshals are nowhere to be found, even by pilots; and up to 50,000 Al Qaeda members lust for revenge; 2200 bag scanning machines are needed by Dec- new orders since 911?- ten until March 5- March 12,02         Radio Comments

BLIND FAITH- War Without End- Liberal Slant   Bush, who received only 47% of the vote, has demanded the removal of Arafat (whom he's never met), who received 88%, though the most likely successor is Hamas. Our extreme tilt towards Israeli hard liners risks our position as an honest broker of peace, increases potential US terrorists from a few thousand to millions, and perhaps extended our war a decade. The real problem in the Middle East- Liberal Slant- July 15,02   ALTERN

MIXED SIGNALS- President Bush has promised to punish states that shelter terrorists while soliciting Pakistan + Iran's help, 2 of the leading supporters of terrorism// Now he claims we won't overthrow the Taliban, but then whom is this war against?- Sept 22,2001- Liberal Slant      Interview w Commander Massoud (saying Paki army were fighting w Taliban- reporter killed in Israel in April)     WTC Ruins 12/6   Summit PHOTOS     More Photos 

RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT TAKES CONTROL of TELEVISION- War of the Vladimirs.. Return to the Bad Old Days?- Putin Has Taken Control of 2 Other Networks; Strengthened Press Ministry; Prosecuted and Persecuted Gusinsky's (+ Berezovsky's) Media Empire- History of, Reasons for, + Meaning of Conflict- with timeline - April 9,01   3000 or 1500 wd      Issue Cover                  TALK SHOW Comments on Reporter Attacks - (move slider to 44:40)

"WHOOPS"- How the Networks Got it Wrong
- PROBLEM POLLING POLICY - Nat. Scoop- Intellectual Capita1- 11/25/00 - Inside story on the screw-ups (3-4) at the VNS and Florida counties that caused the networks to blow the election call in a strong article/analysis/commentary against the networks and projection policy and the squirrelly polls w interviews w TV news execs, Walter Cronkite, Florida officials, pollsters, Sen. Gorton and VNS people, voting machine reps.- 12/26/00 Anchor of largest media related network. IF DOESN'T LOAD      Issue Cover    Talk Show

Media Tenor Book
w Whoops Article MEDIOCRACY- HAIL To The THIEF - (page down) 234 pgs       Table of Contents

SAMPLE BALLOT DECEPTIVE, DIFFERENT -     Dems denied hand count in Duval Co. - Nat. scoop         Capital Times - Madison WI - Nov 25, 2000                   HTML longer vers.          Duval Sample Ballot & Actual Ballots (Florida Documents)

END of BUSH's ROHYPNOL HONEYMOON?- Bush's Blunders in Foreign Policy, the Environment, the Economy, + Corporate Payoffs have won him dislike throughout world + awakened a blindly non-critical press- April 12, 01

NETWORK NEWS HEADS IN THE DOCK - Tauzin Hearings Confused by Red Herrings, Election Woes- Exclusive
Comprehensive Jigsaw Narrative of Tauzin Hearings testimony + Network Reports (CNN,CBS,ABC,RTI) + Our analysis- with TABLES + TIMELINE- Relative Times of Network Calls, Minute x minute CBS/CNN Election Nt Miscall Timeline- March 13, 2001- - Issue Cover

CRIME  STORY -(gif) Dec 94 - UNTOLD STORY of REASONS Behind 1st CHECHEN WAR - Exclusive; Hijackings of Buses with Children, Raids + Stripping of Trains, Hundreds of Billions of Counterfeiting, Vicious Chechen Mafia; Historical Genocides and Hatreds; STORY Western Media repeated was simplistic "Soviet Bear Rising" HTML vers (hear '94 NPR talk show on Chechen War + rise of Russian Mafia) NPR Comments on Moscow theater storming- slider to 25:30

- (Don't Wreck It) - Greenspan endorses a tax cut; Danger of George Bush's $1.6 tril one- Jan 26, 2001

RELATIVITY- OnlineJournal +  Bartcop    A rumination on the changing firmament of truth + the nature of  integrity as it pertains to vote-counting and the election- Jan 4, 2001

$800 billion of mergers a year. Good for the economy, improve efficiency, good for stockholders? Untold is brutal downsizing of target company workers, crushing load of debt, monopolist concentration of power, and obscene amount of executive profits. Criticizes crooked management of Bishop Estate, largest charity in US: 2 weeks later Governor ordered massive investigation- West Hawaii Today
PLUS                                    GRAPHIC of BOTH ARTICLES
NEW HOPE for IRAN-   (scroll right)                                                   new- NPR  TOTN comments on Iran- 1/22/03    Move slider to 21:45-24:40
Overwhelming election of Khatami; likelihood of overthrow of Islamic dictators. A country of children: 70% under 25 years, 40% under 14- tired of sexual and cultural repression: strict segregation of sexes, no dances, Western videos, movies, handholding. Corruption of ruling mullahs and perversion of Islamic values: 98% of clergy NOT in leadership. Origin of Shiite's obsession with death and sacrifice. America's options- (forecasts lifting of Rushdie Fatwa)            HTML Printable vers. Merger          IRAN HTML            Bishop Estate Firestorm - Hon. Advertiser Aug 17, '97

.. - (Honolulu Advertiser)-Sun Front Page-April 20,'97- Nat. scoop
Faking of Univ of Hawaii telescope photo to "show" a "spaceship" following Hale-Bopp comet by psychic "remote viewing" institute; Publicized on Art Bell national radio show + website, may have been incitement for San Diego Heavens Gate cult suicide
. Original Article before lame editing- CLICK HERE                         AP RELEASE of article - (small)

IT'S ONLY WORDS - ( - the Inauguration + how George Bush's words have no connection with his actions - Jan 22, 2001 ISSUE Cover

THE SWAN HAS FLOW AWAY - West Hawaii Today (gif) The Firing of Russian Gen. Lebed from Security Council
- The most popular and toughest politician in Russia driven from Yeltsin's government; Litany of his offenses;

Analysis + examination of plethora of late late night news programs; Distilled from 22 page art.; CBS Nightwatch, NBC Overnight, ABC Last Word, America Tonight, + others; (more complete version from Isthmus, Madison WI.- 1st page CJR vers. with "FOLLY of CUTTING..." below)

WELCOME TO DODGE- VIOLENCE TAKING ROOT IN MOSCOW- scroll right (Moscow News-English- most respected liberal paper in Russia)-Aug 27,93-
Epidemic of Gangland shootouts, contract murders, government willful ignorance of organized crime. Dangerous effects of violence + death; What can + must be done HTML 1st
PLUS                                   GRAPHIC of BOTH
UP, UP, AND AWAY- (Moscow News- Sept 24, 93) Effects and dangers of rampant inflation (2600%)

- Online Journal- Katherine Harris may face the music for violating oath of office- Dec 4, 2000        Jan 14: 40 suits filed against Sec St + $2/3 million spent defending her already    Longer HTML vers.                   FL Div. Elections Letter ordering Supervisors to NOT do Hand-Count      P. 1

SANCTIONS ON SANCTIONS- (Moscow Guardian- Aug 20, 93)- Uselessness + immorality of endless sanctions- In Iraq, Cuba, Serbia, South Africa; Hurting the innocents rather than the leaders
PLUS                                    GRAPHIC of BOTH
A VULNERABLE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY-scroll right (Moscow Tribune- Mar 5, 93) Chance to buy + decommission Ukrainian, Kazakh, Byelorussian Nuclear bombs and Plutonium; Cheap at any price....

- (Seattle Times)- Meaning and implications of Israeli nuclear arsenal (200 bombs?); Vanunu's proof, kidnapping, + imprisonment
PLUS                                    GRAPHIC of BOTH
SNOW ON THE TUBE - scroll down (Jackson Hole News- Weekly column on television- funny, hip, vicious, snide reflections on trends, shows, + actors.... JHN won Pulitzer for best paper in under 50,000 person city (Jackson has 4000)

FOLLY OF CUTTING SPACE SPENDING- (Providence Journal) Miracles of Voyager revelations- Jupiter + Saturn Moons; Madness of Reagan plan to cut funding for receipt of data from Uranus + Neptune
PLUS                               GRAPHIC of BOTH
THE NEWS, ALL THE NEWS + NOTHING BUT THE NEWS -- (scroll right) CJR art (page 1 of 4) ...

- (Moscow News Nov 5,93) Funny take on diseased Moscow phone system and a listing of it's many ailments
PLUS                               GRAPHIC of BOTH
AROUND THE WORLD IN 63 DAYS- scroll down (We/Mui- Feb 7,94 weekly- Moscow/Wash DC -Hearst/Izvestia)- (Full Front Page-2nd sec) story of round the world Russia aircraft expedition, hitting 50 odd countries, 7 continents, in antique planes.. inc. Soviet DC-3.. In Russian + English editions

NOT SO DANDY LITTLE WAR -(Moscow Tribune- Oct 15,93) reflections on Oct '93 revolt; ~200 killed in attempted Yeltsin overthrow; Yeltsin's possible culpability; 25 Government soldiers that defended television center from 3000 Communists
PLUS                                GRAPHIC of BOTH
-scroll right (MosNews-) Wry commentary on Russians' penchant for ritualistic abuse and casual violence; Rude, sullen, offensive service possibly cured by Mafia murders...

MOVIE REVIEW- Tombstone-- Moscow Radisson Slavjansky Hotel- Moscow News-Jan 94       HTML vers.
PLUS                              GRAPHIC of BOTH
A BOY NAMED SUE - (Mos News- Feb 94) -scroll right- Funny reflection on Russian penchants + redundancy of names: 60% of country are Sergei, Oleg, Lena, + Natasha; COMMUNIST names- Tractor, Vladlen; Persecution of "unsafe" names so better stick w old stalwarts       HTML Vers.

-scr. right (Prov.Journal) Dangerous lunacy and impossibility of limited nuclear warfighting strategies
PLUS                                             GRAPHIC of BOTH
OUR FAILURE OF WILL IN IRAN - (East Side/West Side-also in Prov. Journal)- Outrage of Iran Hostage Crisis + our weakness in dealing with it

MY LECTURE ABOUT "RUSSIA on the EDGE"- Ad for my '95 lecture on Russia and its myriad problems

THE MAN IN THE MIDDLE- (Mos News- April 23,93) Supreme Court Justice Valerie Zorkin plotting perilous middle road in power struggle between Yeltsin and Parliament + allies Veep Rutskoi and Speaker of Congress; Rule of law new concept in Russia
PLUS                                GRAPHIC of BOTH 
SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVILS- scr. down (Moscow Guardian- Jun 11,93) Dismissal of prosecutors in '91 Coup plotters case; Perversion of law in typical Soviet style; Prosecutors go on trial for libel while plotters go free-

WINDS OF CHANGE - Predicts collapse of the Warsaw Pact + possible end of the Cold War in June '89... 5 months before the Berlin Wall fell

ENERGY for the LONG RUN - East Side/West Side   Discusses alternative energy sources during Iranian gas crunch; Wind, Electric car, Nuclear, Advocates big fusion program; Predicts serious global warming and end of age of oil (in 20-30 years)- Feb 1980

Effusive Letter from VP GORE (3rd) about articles

Michael Hammerschlag is a journalist whose political commentary and articles have appeared in New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Seattle Times, Providence Journal, Columbia Journalism Review, Honolulu Advertiser, Capital Times, Global Post, Yahoo, Business Insider, Outside, Modern Photography, Intellectual Capital, Media Channel; Kiev Post + Weekly, Business Ukraine, PIK in Kiev; and Moscow News, Tribune, Guardian, Times, Novaya Gazeta + We/Mui in Russia. He has produced documentaries on the Presidential campaign and been a TV reporter, and reported from Soviet Union/Russia from '91-'94 in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as the largest contiguous empire in history came crashing down, ranging from Murmansk to Kiev, Brest to Baikal. He returned to Russia, Ukraine, and Europe in 2007 after over a decade.
His specialties include International + US politics, space exploration, AGW, chemistry, nuclear strategy, computer vulnerabilities, television, and movies; and has lectured at Brown U, Moscow's Chekhov Center, and Mohyla Univ., Kiev. His commentaries have often accurately predicted events 4-12 months before the fact, including the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and possible end of the Cold War 5 months before the Berlin Wall fell, the 20008 economic collapse 6 months before, the disaster of the Iraq invasion, that Putin would become PM, and a probable catastrophe in the shuttle program.

SEND ME E-MAIL- hammerschlag AT    SUBJECT: Hammernews                          



RISING DRAGON Feb '97 Dangers of China burgeoning wealth and power. Aggressive actions in firing missiles 22 miles from Taipei, huge amphibious landing "training", occupying Spratley Is., murdering Tibetans and their culture, rage + paranoia over world acknowledging Taiwan.1.23 billion people- if they all run east at noon, they could change the rotation of the earth, and 20 mil added every year- 2 people every 3 seconds.        LETTER fm US Sen JACK REED (D-RI) about article

The STATE of SPACE Oct'97 Likelihood of space disaster in Russian space program and Mir (from 2 years in Russia); America's mistakes (predicts cost cutting would lead to lost missions- subsequently 3 Mars and several launches met disaster) + needs in space and latest wonders from Galileo spacecraft around Jupiter: massive water ocean on Europa; and Cassini launch to Saturn and Titan.

NON-WAGE SLAVES - Johnson Russia List - Sept 10, '98 (Center for Defense Information + Carnegie Corp) Abusive Russian habit of not paying workers or creditors, employees for months- including submarine captains and nuclear workers; Makes business ex. difficult and semi-criminalized; Security concerns

BACK TO THE FUTURE -Johnson Russia List - Sept 29, '98   Disastrous reappointment of Victor Gerashchenko as Russian Central Bank Chrmn, whose reckless policies caused 40,000% hyperinflation before- regarded as worst central banker in the world

SOME SOLUTIONS - semi-funny ideas on Presidential election resolution- Nov 26, 2000

PRIVATE WARS - Feb '84      Analyzed media's ability to cover wars in Vietnam, +  Predicted new restrictive policies in Grenada, Lebanon, Falklands was ominous trend that could cripple Press ability to cover conflicts       Jan '91     Press is rigidly controlled in Gulf War, not allowed free movement or to talk to soldiers without officers present; Reporters set out on their own  + are captured + tortured by Iraqis

QUE SERA SERA- Rumination on the vagaries of fate, fatalism, and the line between life + death: in the Russian Oct. revolt, Mt. St. Helens explosion, + the Moscow metro- Nov '93

- Online Journal- Supreme Court trashes separation of powers + destroys its legitimacy in Presidential race decision- Dec 13, 2000

IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT - Science + history behind meteor, asteroid, + cometary impacts (rel. to Armageddon + Deep Impact)

STORMING LIONS -- Nov 18th, 2001+ Nov '98 Leonid Meteor Showers w End of World article above

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NUCLEAR CHICKEN-1998 -Likelihood of India-Pakistan nuclear exchange. Danger from nukes far higher when only a few, rather than thousands, because first strike will destroy enemies' bombs. Both have missiles + Pakistan has promised to mount nukes on them- which WILL lead to a war, because nation doesn't attack because he wants to destroy enemy, attacks because convinced enemy is about to. Periodically 1000 people are hacked and beaten to death in religious riots in India: both peoples are highly excitable and hate each other more than the Arabs and Israelis. +50% probability of nuke war in next 3-5 years. Have written 3 long papers on nuclear threat over 30 years.

The NAME of the GAME (July '98) Fame has become so pathologically desired that people will do anything for it. Monica, Paula, Linda + anyone who achieves major fame through any means will likely be a millionaire, yet the media feigns ignorance of this contaminating fact. What is his "strategy", questioned pundits when Ginsburg (Monica's lawyer) was on all 5 Sun. panel news shows one day. The twisted kids blowing away their classmates are partly motivated and validated by the massive exposure of TV- they too want to exist in the nat. consciousness, rather than the painful swamp of adolescent politics.

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In Oct `99, the US government admitted that the source of Gulf War Syndrome could have been the anti-nerve  gas drug that a 1/2 million soldiers were forced to take... 3 years after concrete medical experiments proved it. Infuriatingly this letter wasn't run (as about 70% of my nat. mag letters have been). When the pyridostigmine bromide story was coming out in `96, SUDDENLY, the Pentagon revealed that 5 or 10 or 22 thousand troops were exposed to nerve gases when they detonated Iraqi bombs and shells in an ammo dump- the timing (5 1/2 years later) was so convenient that they must have been panicked to admit their culpability in hurting many more troops than Sadaam. Wonder what's changed. The delayed upshot of this is some soldiers' refusal to take the Anthrax vaccine.                     LETTER TO NEWSWEEK Sept 26, 1996

                                          LONG ARTICLES

TAKING  THE  PLUNGE - Thrill of first time tandem parachute free fall (1 vertical mile) - PHOTOS- Rocket Seattle

UP THE GRAND - Solo Climb of Grand Teton + Middle Teton Mtns. w unwanted glissade - Jackson Hole News (cancelled due to climbing fatalities)

RETURN TO MT. ST. HELEN (w photos)- Exploration and Climbing of Mt. St Helens 7 1/2 years after almost vaporized in the 20 megaton explosion

- Comparative Assessment + Wonders of all the Dive Shop Trips in Cozumel, Mexico- the best scuba site in the world

                       PHOTOGRAPHY  TRIPOD PHOTO HOME - w thumbs

- (Modern Photography)- Details the building and operation of a removable bounce flash attachment, w photos (orig. in color)

LAVA PHOTO- VOLCANO NAT. PK>- Honolulu Advertiser- Sun front page

FANTASTIC VOYAGE- (Maui Time) Profile of Maui photographer Robert Terrebonne w his photos

THE CAVES OF PARADISE- (w Photos) Spectacular Blue Colors inside Ice Caves under Paradise Glacier (~7000 ft) on side of Mt. Rainier (highest snowfall on earth-128ft/season) -
                                                                     Outside Magazine                                Now melted away due to global warming
4 PANELS (4P)are very large jpeg's that navigated by directional arrows or pg up/down w 4 photos on one page (some big enough to each fill screen)

LAVA ART PHOTOGRAPHS- 4P- 50 ft from Kilauea lava flows where it flows into ocean on the Big Island- Day, Twilight, Night (fm color zerox)
AUTHOR SILLOUHETTED BY SPRAYING LAVA FOUNTAINS- Night (all available below)- PHOTO's all intentionally lo-res

LAVA + HAWAII Photos with ARTICLE on BACK Available for $25 (delivery inc.) E-mail with phone # and address                       772-594-8228 - fax         Exhibited at 5 galleries in Hawaii  

PU-U-O-O Volcano- Actual Cone of Longest Erupting Volcano (1983-now) in Recorded History- Day, Twilight, Night w glow from lava lake- lo res (available below)

Summit - Summit of Highest mountain in Pacific with largest telescopes + astronomical complex in world in snow 13,796 ft (available below) U KIRT + KECK Telescopes

View from Summit 1/2000 4P    More 4P        RUINS Photos 3P 12/8/2001         Ruin Stills fm Video 9P             IMAGES of 9-11 6P new - spectacular

RUSSIAN REVOLT - Moscow 10/3-4/93     5 Photos fm Ostankino TV Cent. Battle                   White House (Parliament) burning after tank shell attack (B+W)

SKYDIVING TANDEM- 4P- Seattle- Lake Sammamish tandem freefall from 8500 ft; Jumping, Landing, and Packing

QUONSET NAS AIR SHOW-4P F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Bomber, F 14 Tomcat, A-10 Warthog
                                       Blue Angels Naval Dem -4P. Team-F 18's - Cobra Attack Helicopter, Rocket Truck, F-15

JOHN McCAIN at East Greenwich Armory, RI- Feb 2000

(from video)   GARY HART 3-18-03   coming   JANET RENO 3-30-03     ROBERT MACNAMARA 10-23-02       STEPHEN FLYNN 2-10-03

TALL SHIPS in NEWPORT-4P- Sagres- Portuguese, Courageous + Newport Br    Cisne Blanco- Brazilian    Kreuzenshtern - German/Russian, HMS Rose, Providence

S. FLORIDA 4P- May 2001- Sunset on 7-Mile Bridge- Keys, Sand Castle Skyscrapers- Miami Beach, Gator eating chicken- Everglades

KENNEDY SAVED WORLD in Missile Crisis (Soviets had 162 nukes in Cuba- 2002 McNamara Aud

QUOTES from Michael Hammerschlag's articles (old headliners)
-----"Once the image of American financial invincibility is breached, flight from our bonds could become a flood. To keep countries buying, bond interest payments will have to be jacked way up- causing all interest rates to rise, and causing an avalanche of bankruptcies (+ foreclosures) by firms and people bloated by cheap credit." - SS Scam+Debt Bomb

-----"Why do you trust this President? He's lied about everything else"- Debate w Cong. Patrick Kennedy on eve of Iraq Invasion- "a blunder that may echo down through the decades." Mar '03

-----"Oil is the raw material for nearly all of our organic chemicals, plastics, and drugs; and a future world may look back with incredulity at our stupidity, 'They just burned it, for heat.'" - Energy for the Long Run

-----"What do the Israeli hard-liners think will happen if they manage to kill Arafat? There is a popular alternative to Arafat: HAMAS, with the highest poll numbers in the West Bank.- Blind Faith 7/2002

-----"Iraq will explode into Civil War between the 63% Shiites and 17% Sunni former rulers; - Maybe partitioning Iraq could mitigate or prevent the coming bloodbath."- Stopping The Next Bosnia 2003

       -----"Creating alcohol from grain is very inefficient, and in 25-30 years a starving world won't sit idly by while we waste foodstuff on a massive scale just to run our cars..'" -
Energy for the Long Run 

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