in  Michael Hammerschlag's Commentaries     


                        Forecast                                                      Actuality


Mar ’08   Warned “world markets are hanging by a thread” and “A         Sept ‘08-? Lehman Bros. Collapses; Hundreds of trillions $ of junk

 collapse by any major player (investment house) could create                     mortgage bonds, CDS, CDO’s peddled by USA destroy 

 a chain reaction that would cause a worldwide collapse”                               world banks + economy;  Starts new depression?

 The Bush Battered Dollar  Oct ’07- Warned friends to sell everything


Aug ’08 Said McCain’s judgment was deeply flawed going back to        Nov ’08  McCain crushed in epochal election by first black                                      

 decision to not “allow” himself from being repatriated from                       President. Chooses spectacularly unqualified and

North Vietnam prison- A Question of Judgment   Scoop                             incompetent Palin Veep;  Runs erratic, flakey campaign


Oct  ’07  Said Putin would never leave office- that he would appoint        May ’08   Putin Prime Minister under “President” Medvedev;

                a protégé who would make him Prime Minister, then come                       Medvedev looks harried under constant  pressure;

                back  as President – The Infinite Putin- Capital Times                                  Former liberal more and more hard-line


July ’02  Warned Israel’s persecution of  Arafat and the PLO, the only   June ’07  After Bush backing of Fatah takeover, Hamas crushes

                moderate Palestinian leader risked bringing HAMAS to power;                   Fatah in Gaza and assumes control; Israel imposes

BushCo encouraging attacks on PLO + Arafat – Liberal Slant                    blockade, Jan 2009 invasion kills 1450, destroys Gaza


Sept ‘98  Warned of enormous rise in global warming, creating               Sept ’04    Florida hammered by 4 hurricanes

                more and larger hurricanes  + extreme weather; Said changes      Sept ’05   Katrina + Rita destroy New Orleans

                likely past point of no return; Exposed contributions of NO2                       Scientists say temp rise past point of no return

                Said China + India coal burning would make Kyoto moot;                             China + India’s CO2 generation doubled since 1990

                Diversion of 30% of Gulf Stream could cause bitter winters- Maui Time


Aug 27,‘05 (Sat)  Said 22 drainage pumping stations operate continuously     Aug 29-31 – Power out;  Pump stations fail;  Levees break;

so city already in flood equilibrium, but electric pumps will fail                   City 2/3 destroyed by catastrophic contaminated

during hurricane hit. City could become 350 sq. mi. abandoned                  flood that will take years to fully recover from.

destroyed bathtub filled with foul warm contaminated toxic brew.  


Jan ’03  Warned of our  vulnerablilty to backpack bombs  after                July ’05   2 sets of  Backpack Bomb attacks on London Subways

                projected  Iraq invasion re. my experience with Brit paranoia

about them in IRA-torn London      Radio Commentary for NPR


Oct ’02-Mar ’03 Said Bush would invade Iraq no matter what,                   May ’03  Invasion occurs against wishes of UN and most of

                and that claims of Saddam’s 9-11/Osama links + WMD’s were           world; No WMD’s or Osama links found; Ordnance, treasures

                lies pushed by propaganda, distortions, and cooked reports-             of antiquity, all institutions (inc. nuclear) destroyed in looting

                                                                                                Liberal Slant

 Oct '97  Warned insane to send people into space without                       Feb '03   Shuttle burns up after damage. NASA doesn't even

                quick rescue capability of air-launched rocket plane                              study shuttle w telescopes because there are no options

Predicted faster, better, cheaper NASA policy was                                Crew has no jet packs, repair kits, fuel for rendezvous

cutting corners that would lead to disasters  State of Space           Dec ’99   Titan + Delta 3 launches fail – Aug ’98,

                                                                                                                                Mars Orbiter + Polar Lander missions lost

July-Aug '01  Predicted Palestinian/Moslem attack on NYC or DC        Sept 11  Coordinated 9-11 Terrorist Attacks on NYC + DC
                   (see also below Aug 00: collapse of talks augers violence)

June ’89  Predicted collapse of Warsaw Pact +                                            Nov ’89  Berlin Wall Falls, Within 18

Possible end of Cold War                                                                                   months Eastern Block free


Nov ’03  Predicted Civil War almost inevitable in Iraq;                                Feb ’04- 05  Sunni insurgents bombings target Shiites;

                Suggested PARTITION might mitigate or prevent it                                     Shiite death squads roam Basra;  Al-Zarqawi calls

                                                Original                 -Capital Times                                        for Civil War;  Head of Council on Foreign Relations

                                                                                                                                                advocates  Partition a month later than me in NYT

Nov ’90   Predicted length, conduct, and outcome of Gulf War                   March ’91  Gulf War lasts 6 weeks in staggering

(4-8 weeks, greatest aerial assault, overwhelming victory)                           victory with almost no casualties; Missiles

Argued desert would allow total visibility to high-tech weapons               devastate buildings like video game


June ’97   Forecast liberalization of Iran under Khatami                            Sept ’98   Fatwa against Rushdie lifted

+ probable lifting of Salmon Rushdie contract                                                Iran has soccer tournament w US; Liberalization

continues against murderous religious opposition

Jan ’01   Claimed 10 year financial surplus predictions absurd and        Jan ’03  Although 9-11 a factor, surpluses evaporate and

            Bush’s tax rebates reckless and unwarranted - Online Journal                      unprecedented deficits run; Social Security raided

                                                                                                                                                and risked 

Aug-Oct ‘04  Claimed Kerry needed to attack Bush on his lies                   Nov ‘04  Kerry loses after being smeared as a coward and

            to overcome years of propaganda and slanders to come                              weakling by Vietnam and service evading President

                                                                Washington Dispatch

July ’97    Criticized corrupt Hawaii Bishop Estate-                                       Aug- Sept 97  Gov. orders massive investigation of

                Largest ‘charity’ in coun. + obviously fixed HI gas prices                           Bishop Es., Later 10 year price-fixing

                ($12 billion) – West Hawaii Today    ($ 2x mainland)                                         prosecution of oil companies brought


Aug ’00    Predicted Lieberman’s choice would lead to Gore’s                    Dec ’00    Gore “loses” after electoral dead-heat

                defeat; If he ran from Monica, would also run from                                       when he doesn’t mention past and spurns

economic boom + Clinton campaign talents. Said Biden best                      Clinton’s help; Loses TN + ARK

VP choice                                                                                                              August 2008   Biden Veep under Obama


Aug ’00    Warned collapse of Middle East talks would lead to                  Dec’00      Over 350 killed in bitter fighting; no end in

                huge eruption of violence; Maybe end in Arab expulsion                           sight; Hard-liners close to taking power in Israel

                fm West Bank + increased terrorism against US                                             USS Cole blown up


Feb ’97     Warned of dangers of Chinas burgeoning wealth +                   July ’99-2000     Brutal crackdown on Falun Gong

                power/ intimidating Taiwan, firing missiles, Spratley Is                                despite WTO and MFN membership

                takeover, Tibet brutalization                                                                              consideration


July ’93     Derided sanctions as ineffective moral sop to wealthy             Mar ’99   Years of sanctions fail to stop

nations that hurts weak + innocent in offending co. (Iraq),                          Serbian ethnic cleansing; NATO starts mass

not rulers;  Hard to stop + lose raison d’etre (Cuba)  Moscow Guardian       bombing; Serbians retreat fm Kosovo in June


Aug ’93     Warned criminal violence and Mafiya control would              ’95-’98    Oligarchs and Mafiya chieftains control virtually all

                be situation in Russia for decades- Moscow News                                           (pan far right)business; Contract killings common;

Oligarchs appointed  to government


Sept 22 '01  Claimed Pakistanis big source of terrorism; Warned               Jan '02  After 2 Paki attacks India close to War w Pakistan

50% chance of In/Pak nuclear war within 3-5 years in ‘98
                Warned of Attacks through  Postal System
Liberal Slant            Oct '01   Series of Mailed Anthrax Episodes,

 Feb ’84      Analyzed media’s ability to cover wars in Vietnam, +               Jan ’91     Press is rigidly controlled in Gulf War, not allowed

                Predicted new restrictive policies in Grenada, Lebanon, Falklands             free movement or to talk to soldiers without officers

                was ominous trend that could change government- press                           present; Reporters set out on their own + are

                relations forever   - CJR                                                                                      captured  + tortured by Iraqis


Dec ’80      Predicted Soviet crackdown on Poland inevitable,                    Dec ’81    Soviet Union forces Jaruzelski to enact martial

                otherwise revolutionary fervor would spread-Providence Journal                 law; imprisons Walesa + Solidarity members


Dec ’79      Predicted Iran hostage crisis would, without decisive             Jan ‘81      Hostages released after 1¼  years; Damages US

                action, become endless grinding humiliating sideshow                                self-image more than any event but Vietnam;

-Providence Journal                                                                                Destroys Carter’s candidacy



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