by Michael Hammerschlag 11:47 EST Nov 8

updated Nov 28

#'s Corrected Sept '22     This was written long before the Stacy Abrams miracle in Georgia happened Jan 5, aided by imbecile Trump "campaigning" there by telling voters not to vote!! That was a 1 in 100 long shot! Vote totals changed several times, NBC News results used are from May 2021

I should be happy, I should be thrilled… that JoeB finally pulled it out… but it’s hard with all the dry metallic dust in my mouth. His narrow Electoral victory was just 104,000 spread across PA, AZ, GA, even with a 7.06 million popular margin- the minimum for Dems to even have a chance with the stinking rotten Electoral College! [this margin varies depending on where + WHEN the voting results were taken] NBC Pres Results. It is horrific that 74 mil morons are so enamored of this treasonous hateful criminal that they still trust him, even after his wanton deliberate neglect will kill 500K Covidians (with the “excess” deaths)- ... I fear it means the end of America being the “Leader” of the Free World, why should anyone trust us when 47% voted for a proto-fascist; at least China is consistent. But the reelection of the Quisling Rebub scum of the Senate: Graham Cracker, Moscow Mitch, Concerned Collins, is sickening… without the Senate, all of the structural fixes and massive repair of The Pig Donald’s decimation of Government, Courts, International Orgs Treaties, Allies, will likely be impossible. I really thought Biden would crush the brain-damaged abuser Trump, and his Repub acolytes would receive a drubbing. After a gritty recitation of Trump’s awesome crimes… the simple question at the end of my ad was: HAD ENOUGH??

Dems had the greatest cudgel ever to use against the Repubs, that they were conspiring with and supported by our mortal foe, Russia, but they NEVER EVER used it.. letting Repub ridicule after Barr’s subversion of the Mueller Report set their agenda! Treason was ignored and papered over. Half of all Repub attacks ads would have screamed about that, had the situation been reversed. The desperate need for a Dem Senate also should have been in EVERY Dem ad, that a Pres Biden would be powerless without it. Their message about the Repub Mob Machine was so weak that rather than a Blue Wave, we lost at least 7 House seats! The likely 49/51 Repub Senate will strangle almost everything JoeB proposes, though he can veto their sick and evil legislation (as could the House). Likewise any prosecution of the Trump Crime Family Admin’s malfeasance can be waylaid by Senate diversionary persecutions of USAt, FBI, or Justice Dept. And if the Senate can’t get the job done, the 6/3 Taliban Catholic SC will with corrupt decisions deciding that (forget Unitary Exec) this President is exceeding his authority if he does more than lick a postage stamp. Amy Coney 2012 started killing Americans within her first month by allowing superspreader Churches to be exempt from quarantine rules.

So for me to be Happy or proud or optimistic, we needed to run the table and have a 4-5 seat Senate majority (to balance the whatever color Dem dogs roll over and play dead rather than fight). The one good thing is that it seems obvious: Trump is so detested by everyone who has had to bear his unhinged wrath, virulent attacks, careless desecration, and awesome stupidity… that few Repubs are going to support his corrosive Treasonous calls for resistance, Insurrection, violence and specious lawsuits (inc his own Judges). At heart everyone hates a bully, especially one who makes them grovel like the cowards Repubs have all become. Even Twitter is just deleting the Twit’s unAmerican tweets. His Trumpanzees can + likely will attempt further attacks, like the Philly Election HQ attackers, hopefully they will all auto-confess when stopped by cops: Did you know you were speeding?” Answer: “Sure, we’ve got to get to the Philly Convention Center to blow it up!” Q-uackAnon should be declared a Terrorist Org and all members placed under surveillance (hire teenage deputy hackers who hate whackos), or better yet, harvested for their organs.

But all the good intentions, great plans, and urgent work to fix all the Pig’s smashed china; stop the rabid Covid outbreak (2220 dead, 195K new cases a day!), expand ObidenCare, repair our relations with the World, smash Russian Election hacking (if you think there was little this year, it’s because TPD ordered them to not report it), reopen our economy, and rebuild our infrastructure… will be crippled if Dems don’t take the Senate. There is a small chance Dems will take both GA seats, but even if they do, conservative Dems would make accomplishing anything daunting. There will just be… Gridlock. Unfortunately we are just an uneasy mix of the Blue States and the Red States of America… and all JoeB’s good intentions are wasted on the Repub Mongols. Trump is mentally ill, and now.. much of the nation is too- blinded by 30 years of RW propaganda, reveling in their long-suppressed racism, proud ignorance, whining grievances, and vicarious cruelty.

And once again, like in 2008, the Repub Vote-losing President has left a disaster of Biblical proportions in the exploding Covid Epidemic and shattered Economy, fed by his criminal negligence, mismanagement, ignorance, greed, and venality. Like Obama before, JoeB will have his work cut out for him.

* To feel better about it all, sing to GOOD VIBRATIONS.

Michael Hammerschlag ( has covered 4 1/2 Presidential campaigns (inc furrin), managed a Democratic Presidential caucus in Seattle, helped save Bill Clinton with an anti-impeachment organization, and produced political ads and media advice. He broke the first big story about the media mistakes in the 2000 Pres. elections. His articles have appeared in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Seattle Times, Providence Journal, Columbia Journalism Review, Honolulu Advertiser, Capital Times, Media Channel, Modern Photography, Scoop; and Moscow News, Tribune, Guardian, and Times; and Kyiv Post, Weekly, and Business Ukraine.