From: "Mary Murphy" dogstar1@telus.net  Subject: Partioning Iraq Date: Saturday, December 13, 2003 5:09 PM


I appreciated your article on possibly partioning Iraq. As far as I know it's the first time this practical solution has ever been offered.  I've thought of this, too - but what do I know, right?  It makes sense in many ways ... may eventually happen anyway as events play themselves out.  Most Americans don't realize that Iraq was pretty much an artificial construction anyway, and there is history (mostly engineered by imperial powers) behind the three-way split.  Saddam Hussein hardly invented the process by which Sunnis dominated.

----However, I don't see the US - or Britian for that matter who pretty much set up the present configuration - going for it.  Also another thing which I've never seen discussed, but I'd like your take on it, should you have time to respond to this:  I've looked at a map of oil fields in Iraq and, while there is definitely oil in the Sunni centre of things, it looks to me like

there's significantly more in both the North and the South.  Might this not make partioning even more problematic?

----Whether the Turks could accommodate, let alone augment, a Kurdistan would be another issue.

-----Anyway, I fear the US has gotten itself into a quagmire and I'm not sure that the American troops WILL be able to leave, at least given the historic way Americans (and for that matter, all imperial powers) think.  Whether the US will support a long-term and costly occupation/guerilla war - particularly without invoking the politically-potent spectre of

conscription - is the question.  Will blacks, southern and rural whites, and Hispanics be willing to shoulder more than their share of the burden (and the deaths) indefinitely? The continued erosion of the manufacturing sector and, to some degree, the small-scale family farm will help provide cannon (er, explosive device) fodder but, sooner or later, someone's going to say, "what's wrong with this picture?"

----Anyway, thanks for the thought-provoking article (which I believe I found linked-to from Lunaville).  I've been to your web site and read more there, too.

Regards,  Mary Murphy    British Columbia, Ca nada


From: "Geoffrey J. Transom" GeoffreyTransom@netscape.net  Three State Solution...Date: Saturday, December 13, 2003 4:22 PM


I just read your December 12th piece on The Capital Times site, and it was terrific. I was particularly happy to see someone refer to America's OBLIGATION in international law to repair the broken infrastructure that resulted from the US-led invasion.

----However when you proposed a "three state" solution, you progressively "went utopian". The likelihood of the international community being able to encourage Turkey and Iran to contribute LAND to a Kurdish homeland is zero; even suggesting that as a possibility is bordering on naive (I don't use the word "naive" as a pejorative).

----All you have to do to contextualize the absolute unacceptability of even suggesting a land-grab off Turkey and Iran for the Kurds, is to imagine if the UN called for the US to give the Latino/Mexican "Reconquista movement" a little patch of land of their own in the American southwest (say, New Mexico, Southern California, and perhaps even all the way East to the illegally-acquired state of Texas). It is no historical misrepresentation to assert that these people were dispossessed by the United States in the 19th century and have been oppressed systematically ever since. Sure, there are no death squads in New Mexico (we are constantly reminded that Hussein supposedly had death squads, but the US now has death squads in Iraq anyhow!).

----And to think - all this mess in Iraq really started in London and Washington in the 1910's and 1920's, with the contemptible assumption by people like Churchill that they could draw a line on a map and create (say) Kuwait.

----The stupidity of those same men in capitulating to terrorists (those who forced the Balfour Declaration in 1917 by assassinating people until the declaration was issued) gave us the OTHER Middles East problem; a Zionist (and mostly Khazar-Turkic) state in the middle of a pack of Islamic/Christian (and mostly Arab-Semitic) countries. That, too, will end in tears - hopefully without the atomic evaporation of a small piece of what is mistakenly called "Israel" by people who do not understand what "Israel" means.

                                                Regards, Geoffrey J. Transom, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA



From: "Gerald Lower" tisland@blackhills.com  Subject: Jefferson's Eyes Tuesday, November 18, 2003 1:07 PM


Thank you for "Stopping the Next Bosnia" and for your honest coverage of Bush World.

"If the American people are to be responsible for the actions of their government, they will necessarily have to begin by being responsible to


One of the glaring characteristics of the "dumbing down" of America is our devoutness about living in the here and now, whether the

commentaries come with a Repuglican or Dumbocrat slant.  The situation becomes much more serious and significant from historical perspectives

(the political death of Jefferson's democracy) and even more serious and significant from evolutionary perspectives (the "end of time" for

vengeance-based religion and crony capitalism, the beginning of human).  Dr. Gerry Lower



From: "Judy Po" Judypo@GotNet.Net Date: Thursday, November 20, 2003 3:11 AM


Thank you for saying what nobody had been able to articulate.

By the way, I think your 9 to 12 month estimate to be optimistic. I think we will be out by July.

Brian Miller       Stockton California



You're right, we just finished one road in Afghanistan after blasting the detestable Taliban and Bush has trashed every International treaty that's essential for American security. We don't build things unless it's part of sweetheart payoff to Repub firms at 20 to 50 times the going rate of what Iraqis would charge.
----As to dividing Iraq, I don't assess it's likelihood or viability- it is an idea, a new idea that might get people thinking. Editors thought it was sort of

radical (till, see below, NYT did it). As far as Turkey giving up a piece, who knows? It got a good laugh at a conference on Kurds when I asked the Turkish rep, but A. Turkey is desperate to get in EU and EU wants to make them prove they are civilized (as should everyone); B. Turkey has been fighting nasty rebel actions for ages against the Kurds, C. that little corner of mountains is useless to the Turks since they don't control it except by air, and D. they, like the Israelis, might finally realize that giving up some land is a good deal for peace. As far as Iran, they have no big beef with the Kurds, they gave them respite and shelter from Iraqi + Turkic persecution.

----As far as  Turkey opposing a Kurdish state, my reaction to that is the same to the thuggish Chinese who threaten Taiwan for squeaking independence: tough. We don't have to kowtow to bullies (except when they supply 90% of goods in WallMart). The Brits were, of course, arrogant, but lines were going to get drawn, they just drew them very badly (though Iraq, Syria, Jordan were almost one big pan-Arab state, which would have lasted 2 years before exploding). Regarding Israel's evaporation, this is thing I did about Israel's nukes. I now think Palestinians are so exhausted they would blow up Tel Aviv, even if it meant they would be fried too. http://members.surfbest.net/mikehammer/seatsott.gif

NEXT STAR OF BETHLEHEM?- (Seattle Times)- Meaning and implications of Israeli nuclear arsenal (200 bombs?); Vanunu's proof, kidnapping, + imprisonment


------You are very sharp about the oil wells- I missed that, but it would be a huge bone of contention. I think the election will force withdrawal of 3/4 or so of US soldiers by Sept., depending on how big successful attacks are waged against us. One Beirut sized bomb and pressure for withdrawal would be huge.  I don't worry too much about the “lower castes” of US troops-  think they're paid pretty well, compared to almost anything else they could do at that age and experience- frankly I'm frightened by the fact that almost no soldier verbally opposed this idiotic invasion and went to Sweden or Canada (or no media reported it). I think we are one nuke away from becoming an instant police state, and these troops would as quickly repress Americans in the street. Don't understand why we are out of soldiers with only 150-180,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan and poor Nat. Guard tapped so cruelly (one weekend a month, unless your Prez wants to show up his daddy. They are really getting shafted, on med care, respect, lost jobs, etc.).  Lunaville is good on casualties stats.

 sent out couple of weeks ago

NYTimies could have run my wonderful piece sent Nov 10, but instead wait and run almost same thing Nov 25 by Head of Council on Foreign Relations- Leslie Gelb http://hammernews.com/3statesolution.htm , whom I've met and spoken with  a few years ago. Esp. since I actually wrote it in my head in end of Sept., so again am way ahead of curve. He has more of the mechanics of partition and isn't advocating it as a way to prevent bloodbath of our departure or grant a homeland to long-suffering Kurds, but as way of punishing Sunnis by depriving them of oil revenue, and avoid getting blown up. No oil reserves in center apparently, which I didn't have (but at 1300 words had no space anyway). CFR is concerned with the application of US power and never criticizes the government, but has some brilliant people, like Stephen Flynn, author + director of  HART-RUDMAN Report on America's vulnerability to terrorism. RADIO REPORT:  http://mikehammer.tripod.com/audio.htm#radiocomments



Re: Michael Hammerschlag: 'Bush's fatal mistake' (Score: 1)
by potchie on Saturday, July 26 @ 07:13:33 EDT
(User Info)

I sure as hell wish one of the Dems running for president had the GUTS to tell it like it is like you do. Maybe you should run or at least become the speech writer for one of them. Keep it up.


Re: Michael Hammerschlag: 'Bush's fatal mistake' (Score: 1)
by johnreed on Friday, July 25 @ 12:39:49 EDT
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Note: A reactionary liberal is every bit as dangerous as a reactionary rightwinger.

This critique of the Bush administration is not based on an anti-imperialist approach, but on their ineffective promotion of imperialism. And, I'm sorry, the CIA is not a "decent, honorable bunch".


Re: Michael Hammerschlag: 'Bush's fatal mistake' (Score: 1)
by Snippy on Saturday, July 26 @ 02:14:27 EDT
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The main point here - bush/cheney are likely out in 2004. If a known quantity and insider with connections like Kerry gets the nomination, bush's political end in 2004 is virtually guaranteed.





Mon, 17 Mar 2003 07:36:46 -0800 (PST)


Dear Sir: I read your article today on Liberal Slant, and thought it was terrific. I am a military veteran, served four years active duty, and I think Bush is a liar, a coward, a greedy, cruel SOB who should be thrown in jail for about 10 years. Also, I am a professional writer, and wrote a piece recently for the Los Angeles Times about the way the Bush people have treated the mother of a Medal of Honor recipient. I will email it to you. It's disgusting. Funny how those who never had the guts to fight in war are now the only ones who want to send others to fight. I call that the classic definition of cowards. John Flores____________________________________________________________MarineCorps.com Everything Marine. For Marines. By Marines.http://www.MarineCorps.com________________________________________






From: NANLYONS@aol.com

To: hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 03:32:02 EDT

Subject: Under this new regime...


Are there going to be those "Election System AccuVote 2000 optical ballot-scanning machines" that "lose their minds", in every County in the nation?  Who provides the cards and/or the programming for the cards and machines -- and which side are they really on?  Thank you for your wonderful article about the Florida election mess.  It was beautifully written.  But my conclusion is, nevertheless, that with all the tampering by the Republican extremists in the offices of the County elections officials, I strongly suspect that our last proper election was already history prior to the Nov. 2000 debacle. Politically, I am radically moderate, but I'm now considered to be far left wing, only because the center has shifted so far off course.  And there are literally millions of Americans without a voice in the previously-but-no-longer "free press", who are pulling for journalists like yourself who will publish what is outlawed by the commercial press, as best as I can tell.

But for those of us fortunate enough to have computers -- and who know where to look -- we can still find articles by people who really do value free speech, and the courage to speak out.  Even if you're too busy to ever read my e-mail, I just wanted to write it to say 'thank you', while I still have the freedom to do so.
All the best,  Nan Lyons ….      Henderson, N.C.  


Re: Trembling on the Brink


From: "Lakhbir Gandhi" <lgandhi@peerless.com>

To: <hammerschlag@bigfoot.com>

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 13:47:39 -0800

Subject: congress

A distinction sir, the Indian Congress is not a government institution like it is here in the US but the name of Indira Gandhi's political party which is not even in power as of today but has been for much of the 50 yrs since independence. And before you ask, no , I am not related to any of the other Gandhi's you hear about. I liked the content of your article and agree, Pakistan has been thumbing their nose at India for awhile so the Indians are trying to make the most of this ghastly opportunity handed to them.

One idea I have is that since neither are willing to compromise on Kashmir why don't they both declare the entire Kashmir a jointly administered territory. That can form the basis of a collaboration lasting and giving decades of peace. It can also be an opportunity to understand ultimately that the division of India & Pakistan was a political ploy by the British to defang India when they left and start toying with the idea of a united India, a new name for the union shouldn't be hard to think of. The Kashmiri people will then enjoy India's secular and monetary policies while feeling as being one with Pakistan, they shouldn't complain about this arrangement barring a few aspiring politicians trying to take advantage of the situation. ----Pakistan then gets the backing of India's industrial might & India can stop pouring money into defence & look after it's own poverty for a change, not to mention knocking the wind out China's meddling in the region.

Regards, Lakhbir Gandhi    MH Your point was well-taken and the wording’s been changed to avoid confusion.

Re: Mixed Signals


From: Sheppy3579@aol.com

To: hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 13:55:27 EDT


Subject: I read your article on liberal slant. it is so nice to read a "thinking

article", I am forwarding it to many on my mailing list. My personal opinion is that we will NOT be able to get bin Ladin. My personal suggestion is to deal with him as cancer research is dealing with tumor-- he is a tumor and shrink and kill all the "cells-men" and his funds until he has nothing left to feed on and will shrink and dry up. Simple yes, but maybe easier than bushie's plan to crawl in the maze of holes he lives in. Thank you, Adrienne


Re: End of Bush’s Rohypnol Honeymoon


From: ARazeghi@aol.com

To: hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 01:13:34 EDT


Your article was stunning.  Thank you for speaking the truth.  Sad that this  sort of honest writing can only be found on the internet.    While reading the Washington Post  (that alleged bastion of liberal thought)  today, I was struck by the fact that the editorial page had three right wing columnists and two centrists.  Every headline was spun to make Bush appear in command.   I feel as though I've gone through the looking glass and I'm terrified for the future of this country.   
Thank you for speaking out.

Patricia Razeghi


From: John Coyle <jcoyle@admin.ogi.edu>

To: hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 13:24:17 -0800


Thank you, Mr. Hammerschlag. Thank you for having the courage to communicate what the comatose, corporate-controlled mass media simply refuses to do: report the truth.


These are historical times we live in. This nation--nay, the world--deserves far better than the shameless pandering and insulting propaganda that is put forth by a vast majority of the American press.

As folks like myself engage ourselves in politics, it is difficult to keep our "eyes on the prize" when we are forced-fed such manipulative disinformation. ("Liberal media," ideed!)


You, however, are an inspiration. It is my personal belief that our tightly-wound nation will soon experience a significant political/social"awakening." Please keep writing. The world will need to know the truth.`          P.S. If you have moment, please visit the following site: http://www.democraticunderground.com/


John R. Coyle

Portland, OR


From: "Susan W. Schwartz" <ssbaraca@meganet.net>

To: hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 21:30:35 -0400


Dear Mr. Hammerschlag:

    Thank you for this cogent, wonderfully spirited commentary.  Perhaps I felt such a sense of consonance with your views because certain paragraphs read as if transcribed from my mind.  It is likewise especially refreshing to read your truth-reveling text, given the cynical Orwellian-speak of Bush-boy and his Bush, Inc. cronies.  Thank you for your work.  Wishing you and yours many blessings.  Susan


From: S2810507@aol.com

To: hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 16:33:42 EDT (Caution: toxic lunatic)


You are one sick, sorry, SOB suck ass.  You should know about CORRUPTNESS, only a clinton ass kisser could recognize something like that to put into words.  All the shit you spew should be shoved up your ass and twisted. clintons (yes both of them) are the biggest traitors to come on the American scene for a very long time.  Maybe since harry hopkins.  Yet people like you are so quick to jump on someone else.  Where was your wise ass comments when the sick sonofabitch was sitting there in the White House?  Where are you with your comments about the whore (or is she a lezzie?) sitting in the senate that SHE BOUGHT (she couldn't have done it any other way other than corruptly).  You make me sick and I would love to tell you to KISS MY ASS.



Re:  Relativity

To:             hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

DateFrom: CMHEBERT@aol.com: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 10:50:47 EST

Subject:     Your editorial


I read your editorial/article at the bartcop.com site and just wanted to say this:  I have read dozens of articles criticizing what happened with this

awful election, but yours was absolutely the BEST!


You covered every single issue that needs to be addressed and had some new perspectives on issues that are being “done” to death, i.e., the Ashcroft nomination.  I hope every Democrat and independent in the US gets a chance to read this - I will certainly pass it on - and realize what’s going on with the Republicans/conservatives.

Thank you for stating your views so well.

Carolyn Hebert

Memphis, Tennessee



Message-From:          “Stephen S. Bates” <sbates@neosoft.com>ID:

To:             <hammerschlag@bigfoot.com>

Date:         Fri, 12 Jan 2001 01:24:54 -0600

Subject:     RE: Relativity or are Republicans evil? (Or do they just act that way?)


A powerful essay, Mr. Hammerschlag! I’ve just spent two days writing dozens of emails to most of the Democratic Senators and

the few courageous Representatives in the CBC, urging, praising, chiding, imploring, regarding the recent challenge to electors

and the upcoming confirmation hearings, all the while doing the work I must to earn a living. I’m weary as hell... and grateful

for the inspiration your essay provides me to keep challenging the GOP SOB’s who are wresting democracy from our grasp, and the

weak Democrats (by no means all of them, of course) who may yet let it happen. Let me reassure you... somebody out here gives a

damn what happens next. Thank you! - Steve Bates


Stephen S. Bates               mailto:stephen@stephenbates.com

PO Box 272488                  http://www.stephenbates.com

Houston, TX 77277-2488        


From:        doggywogy@webtv.net (doggywoggy)

To:             hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

Date:         Sat, 13 Jan 2001 23:05:21 -0500 (EST)


You are a hopelessly twisted sick person. Only a demented, convoluted, i.e. liberal mushhead could believe your crap. Do me a favor and DON’T

email me back.

From:        Yvonne Provencher <yvonnepr@acadian.net>

To:             hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

Date:         Thu, 11 Jan 2001 20:00:39 -0600


Dear Sir:

FINALLY, finally I have found, in your commentary, the words that express what I felt about what happen in the election.  I was beginning to wonder if I was all

alone in my opinions.  Thank you so much,

Yvonne Provencher




From:        THUNDERWOLF666@webtv.net

To:             hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

Date:         Thu, 11 Jan 2001 23:46:13 -0500 (EST)


Mr Mike,

I just wanted you to know that your on-line  journal article dated jan 10 brought tears of rage and hate to my eyes! I, for one feel as though

we have literally been raped by this clown! I’M READY TO FIGHT! We must mobilize quickly or stand the risk of being eliminated in the

future! And I dont mean the far-off future! I’m scared for my grandchildren more than anything! These pigs are on a mission to carry

forward everything that was started in Germany in 1933!  Does no one remember King Georges daddys state-of-the-union address in

the early 9’s when he spoke of a “New World Order”? This was Hitlers exact terminolgy during his cusping moment in 1941 as he was about to

roll over Poland! I have the 1942 Brittanica Book of The Year to prove it!

I pray that somehow God gets us out of this awful mess!



Ronald Lambert


Liked your article except for the part where you lambasted Gore for not letting the Blacks speak
on 6 Jan.  Yes, I am shocked at Americans sitting on their duff. Obviously civic and social studies classes have failed to teach democracy.  Without
democracy we do not have the rule of law, only the rule of tyrants.  No matter how much they pretend in Congress, in the media, or that part of the
general public that does not realize what has happened, there is only the semblance of the rule of law. I just wonder when martial law will be
declared.  Will it be during  the demonstrations at the inaugural?

As to Ashcroft not suppose to be confirmed, I, too, wondered about that.  Cheney/Bush  is simply testing the waters.  Will the Democrats lie down and
roll over?  From my last reading there are still enough Democrats who are left undecided and could confirm Ashcroft who in no way represents what the
Democratic party stands for.  It is obvious the appointed president has no intention to unite the country when he has proposed people for cabinet
positions that are far to the right.  Cheney/Bush have no intention of ruling from the center.  

Karen Boerboom
2369 Airport Road
Platteville, WI 53818



From:        Elawbert27@aol.com

To:             hammerschlag@bigfoot.com

Date:         Sat, 13 Jan 2001 10:51:45 EST

Subject:     The Republican Party


This is no longer the party of Lincoln, but of Jefferson Davis, John Wilkes Booth and Joe McCarthy.  I have long contended that the Republican Party is

on the cutting edge of an American brand of clerical fascism.  The religious right has taken over the core of the party.  George Bush is doing his

damnedest to talk us into a recession for two simple reasons: 1) to hang it on Bill Clinton and 2) to get his tax cut of 1.3 trillion dollars, most of

which will go to his rich friends and supporters.


Good luck and keep exposing the hypocrites.


From:        Steven Bushman <bushmanbreeden@sprintmail.com>

To:             <editor@mediachannel.org>

Sent:          Saturday, January 06, 2001 7:52 AM

Subject:     Re: Michael Hammerschlag, Freelance Writer:


·         I have had the good fortune of having read some of the other work that has been done by Mr. Hammerschlag.  He brings Editorial News Reporting

·         to a new elevated level of excellence.  I think you should consider presenting more of his future material.


·         Respectfully, Dr. Steven Bushman

·         612 Bridgewater Arch, VA Beach, VA 23462-7166

·         fax-2486, pager: 521-6163

·         bushmanbreeden@sprintmail.com