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George Gongora/Caller-Times

A paper target helps illustrate the kind of damage that is possible when a 28-gauge shotgun loaded with birdshot shells is fired from 30 yards away.

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By John Powell Metz/
February 14, 2006

People with no hunting experience might have a tough time visualizing the damage Harry Whittington sustained when he was sprayed with birdshot Saturday afternoon.

To see what the injuries might have looked like, Caller-Times photographer George Gongora, an avid shooter, simulated the accident Monday morning at Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle Club. He fired at a paper target 30 yards away with his 28-gauge shotgun loaded with birdshot shells.

"We can pretty much see that at least over 200 BBs have touched this area right here," Gongora said, motioning to the face and torso area of the target.

VIDEO: Caller-Times photographer and avid shooter George Gongora simulates Saturday's accident with a 0.28-gauge shotgun.

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