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OP COMMENT BOARD- MH (audio different): The great danger is that, AFTER the meeting, when Xi realizes what an abject ignorant fool Trump is, what incredibly provocative act he will pull in the S. China Sea to test him. Chump's promise that it will be a "tough" meeting is ominous with the prickly "sensitive to slight" Chinese who insist on calling red, grey re. Taiwan (independent or Japanese since 1897!). Chinese value wisdom, moderation, caution, strength, resoluteness; and despise recklessness, stupidity, foolishness, bluster; hmmm where will TPD come down... I wonder?

Notice the frantic diversion of the Rice "scandal" when there are exponentially increasing stories on Trump's treason re. Flynn, Prince, and the pro-Russian agenda of weakening NATO (continuing apace, inc. by Tillerson in his bullying of NATO members about their imaginary "debt", hiding from the Press, failure to defend SOS budget or meet Ambassadors). See the reprehensible Chump fawn all over killer Al Sisi while coldly humiliating Euro leader Merkel.

FBI agent Clinton Watts's warning to the Senate Intelligence Committee members ("Part of the reason active measures have worked in this U.S. election is because the commander in chief has used Russian active measures at times against his opponents.") was echoed by former CIA chief of staff Jeremy Bash (video), speaking in an interview on MSNBC with Brian Williams. Bash was even more blunt, saying,
    "When I think about checks and balances, when I think about Congress being a check on the executive branch, Brian, the image I have in my head of the White House is a runaway train. The brakes are out, and you pull your last best hope, the emergency brake, the great Congress of the United States and the handle literally breaks off in your hand. That is how much trouble we are in." YOUZA.
     BASH VIDEO (YouTube)             This is from the best RSN ever, which sometimes hosts Left wing conspiracist nonsense.
                                                             IS THE PRESIDENT A RUSSIAN PUPPET?

Trump's sleazy passion for Russia is his alone- you won't find 3 Repubs who believe in that despite their transactional treason in defense ... WORDSMITH ALERT!!!!

Jasoturner: Trump is like a cat, and all the other world leaders have laser pointers. We are gonna get punk'd so badly over the next four years with this guy...

hammermann:- Jasoturner 8 hours ago So they jump all around in response to moving the pointer? Well there have been stories about fake Russian news directed directly at Chump that gets repeated in Breitbart or the trash sites he frequents. You are undoubtedly right- and with the abrogation of most of our moral principles, it doesn't auger well for US influence and power, let alone the omniprescent threat of nuclear war by some spectacular blunder of this clown.

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newNewDeal:- hammermann 7 hours ago Congratulations. But they never answered your question about whether the Chinese would react in the S. China Sea.

hammermann:- newNewDeal 7 hours ago No, they didn't- but sometimes they lose track of the gist of a caller's argument and the host has to re-present it. It would be extremely difficult for airlines to divert around those widely spaced islands if they tried to declare an air-defense zone. But I think the parallel with Syrian poison gas is illuminating- Trump is challenged by the Syrians killing again with poison gas (which the WH + Haley finally responded correctly to), and his response is to blame it on Obama's "weakness"!!! But re. China challenging the US in the S. China Sea, they were up against the end of the show, and I am grateful Tom got me on, and stuck w me through the Skype or mobile carrier blackouts at the beginning @ 40:30 min. Way too many "you knows"- I'm out of practice, but not quite as bad as So Talk, starting every sentence with "So", so common on NPR now that I implored Robert Siegel to restrict it.